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  1. Grand Canyon DNP Program

    Has anyone completed, or is currently in the DNP program at Grand Canyon University? I can't find much online about reviews of the program. Would like some info on how it is going/went and about the DNP project. Thanks!
  2. I've been waiting to see if anyone posted a topic for the UW DNP 2020 application cycle. Anyone here apply this year? Nervous to see how the online interview is structured.
  3. Hi all! Are there any JHU DNP graduates or current students who possibly had one B- on their transcript? I am about to submit my application for one of JHU’s DNP programs. They extended their deadline and I decided to apply a week ago. I jumped right...
  4. On line DNP

    Hello, my name is Jennifer and I'm actually finishing my masters has a nurse practioner in Montréal (Canada). I'm interesting to do a doctorate but we don't have this kind of program in my country. I want to know if in USA it's possible to register f...
  5. What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    I am finishing my MSN soon, and had thought that I would get my DNP. However, I am second guessing this after a big ordeal from my school about me not taking a flu shot. My hospital does not require it if I wear a mask. I hate to put the time and mon...

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