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KCMnurse has 36 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Educator.

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  1. KCMnurse

    If BON protects the PUBLIC, who protects the NURSES?

    The Board of Nursing's reason for existence is to protect the public period. That is why nurses learn early about defensive documentation, CYA, and liability insurance to protect their license and livelihood.
  2. KCMnurse

    Can I Be Forced to Work Shifts for Hurricane Coverage?

    I am no lawyer, but every place that I have worked - you cannot leave until someone else assumes the care of your patients. So yes - they can make you stay.
  3. KCMnurse

    CA Nurses - Problems with the BRN. Call to Action!

    I have not dealt with the California BRN but I have dealt with other states and sadly this seems like how they all conduct business.
  4. KCMnurse

    Nurse Assault: My Story

    I am sorry that you had to go through that trauma. Speaking up about things like this help to draw light on these situations which happen more often than we may think.
  5. If what you say is an accurate representation of what happened, I suggest you get a lawyer and stop talking about your personal business on the internet. You are admitting to a history of accusations which will not help your case.
  6. KCMnurse

    Please Help

    I don't even know what to think about this - if it is true - it's a hot mess!! Dad needs to be supportive but the daughter needs to make her own decisions (and mistakes). Ditch the 'fiance', get a new job and figure out what SHE wants to do without the men in her life directing her path.
  7. KCMnurse

    Should I....?

    Yes - do this! You can only benefit from the expanded opportunities this will bring. Take a deep breath and take it one day at a time - you can do this!
  8. KCMnurse

    Advice needed!

    Sounds like you may have to enforce some consequences to staff "shrugging off" your requests. If your supervisor is unwilling or unable to gain compliance he/she may be supportive of your efforts to do so. Sometimes it takes making an example of one employee to get the others to toe the line. Hopefully, you have policies and procedures in place that you can use to back you up? I would suggest some disciplinary action - verbal - progressing from there.
  9. KCMnurse

    Recent Arrest

    Depending on your state's certification requirements, it is not looking good for you and your career choice. I would suggest that you wait to start school until you have cleared up your pending charges. You don't sound ready to take on the responsibilities the position requires.
  10. KCMnurse

    Nursing with misdemeanor assault charge

    Each location that you would be assigned to has the option to pick, choose and refuse the students that are able to work in their facilities. Charges that involve violence or aggression can be particularly difficult to overcome as you will be working with vulnerable people. Doing your research by checking with the clinical sites ahead of time may be useful but nothing is guaranteed. You may be safer waiting but also understand that the 7-year rule will not apply for the BON that will ultimately decide if you are eligible to obtain your license.
  11. KCMnurse

    New Grad and Board Investigation - Need Advice!

    Congratulations on making it this far. I am not clear if you have already taken the NCLEX? If you have and you are waiting for your license I would suggest pressing forward with job applications until the BON intervenes. Your lawyer is correct and it could take months for them to act. Unfortunately, this leaves you in limbo, but this is the way things work. Good luck and hang in there.
  12. KCMnurse

    I don't want to do it

    No extra $$, this position is subordinate to my current position. A lot more stress, dealing with several ambulatory care sites. I am low key looking for another opportunity.
  13. KCMnurse

    Suspended for reporting med errors

    Put on your big girl panties - on second thoughts you seem to already have them on - and lawyer up!
  14. KCMnurse

    I don't want to do it

    So - I am a mature nurse that recently (about 5 months ago) took a position that did not require me to supervise anyone. I have been there done that and quite honestly I just want to be responsible for my own mistakes. Unfortunately, due to a mass exodus of staff, I have now been informed that I will be 'temporarily' assigned to oversee approximately 15 staff (varying roles both clinical and admin) until the positions are filled. I have voiced my displeasure, but have reluctantly agreed to do my best in the interim. I plan to retire at the end of 2020 - should I just move on, or stay and lend my 'expertise' to this sinking ship?
  15. KCMnurse

    Error in judgement?

    Please do not continue to beat yourself up about this. It is easy to come in and play Monday morning quarterback and play the blame game. They weren't there and based on what you wrote I would have probably completed the same actions you did. This blaming and shaming mentality has everyone second-guessing their actions. If the ER did not diagnose a stroke or similar event how the heck are they making that reach?

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