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  1. UC Davis Health MEPN Summer 2024

    Hi, I didn't see a thread for UC Davis's Master's Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN) for the Summer 2024 application cycle, so I wanted to start one to connect with other people who applied! I know people received invitations around this time last year ...
  2. UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2023

    I know it's early but decided to start one!
  3. UC Davis Residency 2024

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has any updates on the UC Davis 2024 residency? I didn't see a forum. Good luck everyone!
  4. UC Davis MEPN 2023

    Starting this thread to keep in touch with those that applied to the UC Davis Master's Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN) MSN Degree program for 2023! Anyone heard back about the second round of applications yet? IMPORTANT INFO added by Staff ...
  5. Alexandra Seligman

    UC Davis New Grad Residency Spring 2023

    Hey all! I just wanted to make a thread for this application cycle!
  6. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to start a post for the upcoming Jan and Mar 2015 Cohort for UCD! I look forward to chit chatting with my fellow nurses and future co-workers (HOPEFULLY) Good luck you guys
  7. UC Davis 2012

    hello fellow new grads, just wondering if anyone has heard anything from UC Davis for the new grad program starting in 2012!
  8. UC Davis New Grad Residency

    Hi New-Grads! Did anyone else here apply to UC Davis' New Grad Residency? If so, let's keep each other updated on this thread. Good luck everyone!!!
  9. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    Hello everyone! I did not see a thread for UC Davis MEPN 2020 start so I thought I would start this since applications open up next week ? has anyone written a personal statement? I can't find any specific guidelines for what to include
  10. I'm starting this thread for anyone who has applied to the UC Davis Nurse Residency for October 2012. Good luck to us all!! :)
  11. The application filing just opened less than hour ago and they will accept the first 500 applications for review. I thought I would start up a new thread so we can all share in the application process. Also, anyone have any tips from prior cohorts...
  12. UC Davis New Grad Summer 2014

    Just wanted to start a thread for the UC Davis Cohort, to start July 21, 2014. We can keep each other up to date!
  13. UC Davis Nurse Residency 2017

    For those applying to the UCDMC Feb/April 2017 cohorts, did you receive a personality test following completion of your application?
  14. UC Davis Residency March 2013

    Hi everyone, I just applied to UCD's new grad program for spring of next year and didn't see any threads so I though I'd start one. Please post any updates or info you get about the residency! Thanks!
  15. UC Davis New Grad 2018

    Hey guys! There doesn't seem to be a thread yet for the UCD new grad program (application opened today) so I thought I would start it. I filled out the application today and it seemed very basic in terms of new grad apps (no place to request certain ...
  16. UC Davis New Grad 2015

    Hello! I wanted to get a thread starting for those who applied to the UC Davis new grad program, staring in Jan 2015 and March 2015. I graduate by the end of this month (December), so if I am considered (*fingers crossed*) it will be for the one in M...
  17. Hi all! Starting this thread so those of us who are applying to the program can keep everyone else updated. Good luck!
  18. UC Davis RN residency July/Oct 2015

    Hi! Was wondering if anyone received any interview calls yet? Also...will they be interviewing right now for October cohort too? Does anyone know?
  19. Should I transfer? UC Davis student

    Hi Everyone! I'm a student at UC Davis (freshman) and I want to go into nursing. I am taking pre-reqs for nursing school right now. I basically have 2 options: 1. Transfer after my sophomore year and get my BSN from a state school -or- 2. Stay at UC ...
  20. UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2020

    Is anyone planning on applying? Application period opens up April 29th. I am curious how it will work out with unit placement when so many programs in CA did not get to finish their preceptorships.
  21. Hi everyone! I am applying to the UC Davis Nurse Residency Program for Fall 2022 and could not find a thread for this application period. Figured I would start one!
  22. Hi all! I am very happy to report I was just offered a nursing position at UCDMC. I currently live in San Francisco and will move to Sacramento for the job. Can anyone recommend a good neighborhood that is relatively lively, safe, with an easy com...
  23. Hi everyone! Wanted to start a post so we can stay connected through the process! Application opens October 26, 2020 – November 2, 2020 for starts dates February 22, 2021 – April 19, 2021. Any one else applying?
  24. Hi everyone! I thought I'd start a thread on here for those who applied to the UC Davis RN residency program that is to start in July of this year. I applied and my status is still "020 Appl" so looks like it hasn't been reviewed yet. I'm super nervo...
  25. UC Davis FNP Program

    Hi All, I am wondering if anyone has applied, completed or started the UC Davis FNP program. I am thinking about applying soon. It would be a big move for me, I'm in Austin, TX now. I have also applied to the UT Arlington online FNP program, but have...