UC Davis RN Residency July 2014 (Summer)

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Hi everyone! I thought I'd start a thread on here for those who applied to the UC Davis RN residency program that is to start in July of this year. I applied and my status is still "020 Appl" so looks like it hasn't been reviewed yet. I'm super nervous and super stoked at the same time because this is a very prestigious hospital and the university itself is always up to par with technology and research and talent! Anyways, feel free to leave comments, suggestions, q&a's, etc...so we can all help each other. Finding the first job is always stressful and nerve wracking! And I'm not good at interviews so...there's one strike! POST AWAY!

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I applied as well and am curious how big the cohort will be since it seemed like the Feb cohort so pretty large (40ish??). Im guessing we won't get any status updates for awhile given the Feb cohort interviewed that month (atleast this is what I got from reading the other posts).... Also how long will it be until we hear about the units they are hiring?

40...nice! That is encouraging! Did anyone apply to the OR Residency also?

Hi guys, just checking in. I applied to the UCD program for summer 2014 too! Look forward to our correspondence :)

Hi all, I applied to both the RN Residency and the OR residency and my status for OR has changed to routed…. :) Anyone else?

Hi all, I applied to both the RN Residency and the OR residency and my status for OR has changed to routed.... :) Anyone else?

I applied to OR as well and my status has changed to "routed" as well. Good luck to you!

Hey guys,

I also applied to both the OR and the RN residency. I got a call on April 30th to set up an interview this week for the OR residency. Super excited! Is everyone from CA? I'm on the East Coast. I wonder how many people applied.

Congrats AlwaysCane!!! Im from California

Hi everyone. I also applied to the Davis program... seems like they're getting back to the OR program people now. Did anyone happen to notice that they pushed the start of the program to September 29??!! UC Davis Health System Human Resources: Nurse Recruitment Wonder what was behind that move??

I believe that date is the next cohort starting date because right under it it says the application deadline is July. Our application period is already closed so we must be starting around June or something. Does anyone remember the starting date that was on the website before it was changed?

D'oh. I think you're right, Noodlesauce. The start date was July 21st I believe.

Anyone have any updates about the RN residency program? My app status still says "020-Appl."

I am guessing it has to change to "routed" like the OR people's before we will begin hearing back?

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