UC Davis RN Residency July 2014 (Summer)

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Hi everyone! I thought I'd start a thread on here for those who applied to the UC Davis RN residency program that is to start in July of this year. I applied and my status is still "020 Appl" so looks like it hasn't been reviewed yet. I'm super nervous and super stoked at the same time because this is a very prestigious hospital and the university itself is always up to par with technology and research and talent! Anyways, feel free to leave comments, suggestions, q&a's, etc...so we can all help each other. Finding the first job is always stressful and nerve wracking! And I'm not good at interviews so...there's one strike! POST AWAY!

^ I second! We would greatly appreciate it!

My friend got a phone interview. Is that what the people who got an interview are talking about or did they get an in person interview? I didnt know they had phone interviews...

PS I read they would be contacting people up until the end of June so keep your fingers crossed. Its not over yet!

I am sure every unit has a slightly different process/timeline. At least that's how things worked last cohort. Several of my classmates received calls and offers to interview at different weeks, some as close as 2 weeks from start date! I had an in-person interview this week (it was my second time applying, btw) and the manager told me she was conducting some phone interviews as well. Even though that's the status for the unit I interviewed, other units might still be making calls.

I am doing some research on this new grad program and couldn't tell by the website how many letters of recommendation are required. It doesn't mention them at all so I was wondering if they were even required. For those that applied for the Summer cohort, could you let me know if any were required?

Also was wondering how many people ended up getting into the July program?

You only need to upload a cover letter, résumé, and transcripts when you first apply. On my interview I did bring 3 letters of recommendation but they had never asked me to bring the letters. I was selected for the reference screening process but still haven't heard back from them. Hoping they will let me know either way this week - hopefully with good news :)

Did anybody interview for labor and delivery?

Never heard anything back so just curious what units ended up interviewing people.

Congrats to all those that interviewed and good luck on the rest of the process!

I emailed the Nurse Manager of Perinatal Services asking if any of her units would be hiring. She said that there are no openings and they will not be hiring in perinatal areas for the July 2014 cohort :(

Oh man that really really sucks!

Thanks so much for the update though.


Did anyone in Children's Health get an interview? NICU, PICU, peds..

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