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Hi everyone! I thought I'd start a thread on here for those who applied to the UC Davis RN residency program that is to start in July of this year. I applied and my status is still "020 Appl" so looks like it hasn't been reviewed yet. I'm super nervous and super stoked at the same time because this is a very prestigious hospital and the university itself is always up to par with technology and research and talent! Anyways, feel free to leave comments, suggestions, q&a's, etc...so we can all help each other. Finding the first job is always stressful and nerve wracking! And I'm not good at interviews so...there's one strike! POST AWAY!

Thanks for the advice ADEcstatic. Has anyone heard which departments will be participating in the new grad program this time around?

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ADEcstatic, were you by chance given multiple options for which unit to work on, or are candidates only interviewed for one position? Im wondering how willing they are to try and place people in the unit they truly want to work on

HR screens the applications. From what I've heard, everything is a point-system, starting with the assessment questionnaire you had to fill out. HR selects candidates to forward to hiring departments. Not always the case, but most of the time, your preceptorship determines where your application will be forwarded. For example, if you completed your preceptorship in a med/surg unit, your application is most likely going to be forwarded to med/surg units. Your application may be forwarded to multiple units but that doesn't mean you'll get an interview with every single unit it was forwarded to. In fact, being forwarded does not guarantee an interview. The unit determines who to interview. Because the whole hiring process is point based, your interview is also rated. At least it seemed like it. I noticed my unit manager was writing a number next to each question in addition to jotting down notes.

Thanks for the info ADEcstatic. When they did your interview, did they ask you for references or a skills test? I had my interview and haven't heard back and they didn't ask for any additional information which makes me nervous. I've read in some other threads that they ask for references to evaluate your skills at the interview. However, I called HR and they said they are still interviewing and no one has been offered anything yet. When I did my interview they said it was the last day for interviews for new grads for the OR but that the position was also open to experienced nurses who wanted to make a change to the OR so they still had to interview all of those candidates. Thanks!

Thanks for your post ADEcstatic!

Applications have been routed! Hopefully we will soon hear which units are hiring.

tkdjbb do you know if people don't get routed? I talked to several of my friends and all of us were routed :) (no one denied) so I'm wondering if we really made it past a first round of eliminations or if everyone gets routed and we're still competing against lots and lots of people..

The application statuses are generic and show up for everyone. We do not know if our own application has been routed or not. It's just letting us know that they are in the next steps of the process. I wish there was a way to know if we are still in the running!

I don't remember mine changing at all when I applied to the 1st one this year. Are we sure everyone's changes to "routed"?

Any word on what units might be hiring?

They just sent out an email saying they are canceling the OR training program "due to business constraints" and no positions will be offered.

Just the OR program? Not the New Grad Residency, right?

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