UC Davis RN Residency July 2014 (Summer)

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Hi everyone! I thought I'd start a thread on here for those who applied to the UC Davis RN residency program that is to start in July of this year. I applied and my status is still "020 Appl" so looks like it hasn't been reviewed yet. I'm super nervous and super stoked at the same time because this is a very prestigious hospital and the university itself is always up to par with technology and research and talent! Anyways, feel free to leave comments, suggestions, q&a's, etc...so we can all help each other. Finding the first job is always stressful and nerve wracking! And I'm not good at interviews so...there's one strike! POST AWAY!

No update on my app...

Heard there are over 1200 applications this time around, good luck to everyone!

Really?? Because I heard there were 3000! That just goes to show you that you can't believe anyone but yourself. Not even the nurse recruiters lol

When I saw the 3000 thing, my heart sank. 1200 is still pretty insane, but definitely more in our favor!

Well the nurse recruiter said 1200 so I think that's a fair estimate. Don't expect to hear anything until June or so.

I spoke with them yesterday and they said as of today the interviews for the OR position for new grads have been completed. They are also hiring experienced nurses that don't have experience in the OR for the positions. They said there are 10 spots total. I'm not sure about the new grad positions. They also mentioned that they do very few interviews compared to the number of applications. Good luck everyone!!

I want to confirm the statistics for everyone. Straight our of recruiters mouth (keyboard):

1283 apps received

20-30 openings

Interviews will take place during the month of June.

Hope that helps...

Oh man! Well good luck AlwaysCane. How'd the interview go? Any pointers? Do keep us updated!

no news yet for the New Grad program. Apparently the OR program is faster at making calls. Probably because only one department is involved. Good luck everyone!

I just spoke to them today and they said that the recruiters are going through the applications and we should start seeing "routed" within the next 2-3 weeks. As for the OR, they already have their candidates. Just an update for everyone!

Thank you for the info. ;)

Hi! I'm currently in the February '14 cohort. I didn't get a call for an interview until almost a month before the program started. From what I've gathered, people were getting called for an interview from early January to two weeks before the program started (02/25/14). It really depends on the unit. Everyone gets the same status, so you don't really know if you're selected for an interview or even an offer until you get the phone call. For now, sit tight, study for the NCLEX if you still have to take it, and pray/hope for the best. Good luck!! :)

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