UC Davis Nurse Residency - New Grad Jan/Mar 2015

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Hi Everyone! Just wanted to start a post for the upcoming Jan and Mar 2015 Cohort for UCD! I look forward to chit chatting with my fellow nurses and future co-workers (HOPEFULLY)

Good luck you guys:snurse:

So far it looks like the OR has started making calls for interviews, according to a FB post I read! :woot:

Joining the thread! Let's keep each other updated!

Looks like there are 2 threads going on for this round of apps, just fyi...

Does anyone know what units have conducted interviews and/or made offers?

Yea, there are two ongoing threads for the Jan/ March 2015 Cohorts. By January we should all know our fate. I hate the suspence!!

There are actually 3 threads going on.

Hi EllTee2B...can you post the link for the other threads? Thanks :yes:

UC Davis New Grad Residency https://allnurses.com/nursing-job-search/uc-davis-new-960436.html

UC Davis New Grad 2015 https://allnurses.com/california-nursing/uc-davis-new-963318.html

Here ya go. I think it would be very helpful if a mod would be so kind as to combine all three.

has anyone heard of anyone getting interviewed?

CARN123 I've seen comments that some have gotten calls from L&D, ONC, NICU, OR, and yesterday someone said she got a call on Sunday from Patient Care Resources. I haven't heard anything though unfortunately. Good Luck!

I had an interview on Jan 8 for oncology/bone marrow transplant, followed by a request for references about a week later. Those have been submitted but I haven't heard anything else yet. Good luck to everyone!

I just got a phone call from UC Davis today for the Burn ICU, unfortunately I do not have burn experience but they are still sorting out their candidates for interview. Good Luck!

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