UC Davis Residency March 2013

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Hi everyone, I just applied to UCD's new grad program for spring of next year and didn't see any threads so I though I'd start one. Please post any updates or info you get about the residency!


Just applied today myself. Hopefully the amount of posts on this thread reflects the amount of applications submitted for this cohort. That way we'll have better chances. Jk. But seriously...

Hehe... one things for sure that its going to be competitive. They're not here because they're too busy with their applications :)

Are all you guys from the Cali area? I'm all they way from NY.

And does anybody know if they do phone interviews?

Yes, I'm from the bay area. I'm hoping it won't be as competitive as the last round but who knows :/

Yep, ALL new grad residencies are competitive. I hope they take a large cohort.

I've been trying to apply. On the 15th I was able to get to the page with the residency job description but whenever I hit the "add job to basket" button the page would freeze. So today I tried again but now every time I click on the link on the Human Resources jobs page that says "All other applicants" (aka non-UCD employees) it brings me to a page that says "Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise... A SQL error occurred. Please consult your system log for details."

Has anyone else had this problem? I've applied to the UCD residency twice in the past so I know I'm not just doing it wrong.....

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This is my fourth time applying! I hope they take a large cohort. The October cohort was very small due to budget. Good luck

Try a different internet browser. You can also try to clear your cache and clear cookies. What browser are you using?

Yes, they do phone interviews!

Wow thats awesome. Have you done their phone interview before?

I'm graduating with my associates degree in December. Should I even bother applying?

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I'm graduating with my associates degree in December. Should I even bother applying?

The program requires you have a minimum of a BSN. I wouldn't apply til then.

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