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UC Davis New Grad Residency

Hi New-Grads!

Did anyone else here apply to UC Davis' New Grad Residency? If so, let's keep each other updated on this thread. Good luck everyone!!!

I just applied today. Hopefully they'll let people know of interviews by the end of the first week of December.

In my experience with other New Grad Residency Programs you don't hear anything from them for several months.

Good to know. Thanks.

UC Davis isn't like most new grad programs. The start date is Jan 29 and I believe they are interviewing for both start dates before Jan 29. My assumption is that most interviews will be done before the end of the year.

With the residencies that I just applied for, I heard from both re: interviews within 3 weeks of applying. After the interview, I was told about offers within two business days.

It looks like the application status has changed to "050-Route." Although this is a generic status, it's good to know they are moving along with the process!

I haven't heard anything yet. I think we will only hear back if we're selected to interview

I believe so. From what I have read here, seems they don't send rejection emails.


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