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  1. Nienna Celebrindal

    "Eat their young"

    Personally when I am doing report with a new nurse and they don't give me all the information I want or need I ask them and then I tell them why I am asking. Cause ya know, teamwork. I'd only run off to the educator if it was a consistent problem.
  2. Nienna Celebrindal

    PTSD and nursing school

    My school was not 3 days it was 10. Look into your program. My school would have been very supportive of a student like you and given you patients that wouldn't give you triggers. But I agree with pp. Are you sure you want to go to this program? It must be a for profit school because they can't fire tenure. I know you want to be a nurse but don't go into a bad program.
  3. Nienna Celebrindal

    Should I apply?

    You can try but in my experience they want you in a nursing program and completed the first semester. But it could be different where you are. if not why not get your CNA? it doesn't take that long and working as a PCT would give you great experience and an in at a hospital which will be invaluable when you do get your RN license. Good luck!
  4. Nienna Celebrindal

    Should I go straight through?

    I agreed that you should wait from experience. I have had "leaders" who don't really know what the nurses under them do and it sucks. I believe they did their best but they just didn't get it. Poor leadership ruins relationships within a unit or company. I honestly feel we have too many "leaders" in nursing who just don't get it. You and whoever you lead will benefit from you having real life experience just being an average nurse.
  5. Nienna Celebrindal

    Top States for ADNS?

    Its pretty darn tough in California. Maybe rural california less so?
  6. Nienna Celebrindal

    Color coded uniform vent

    I don't mind color coding, makes it easier to get ready. I wouldn't be happy about being limited to a few brands though, that's ridiculous.
  7. Nienna Celebrindal

    Searching hard for a great online LPN-RN program

    Make sure if you are an out of state student doing a program like this its approved by your BRN. Some states want concurrent theory and lab classes and this would not qualify you for a license or the ability to take boards. Nor could you transfer your license there if you wanted to move.
  8. Nienna Celebrindal

    LPN/LVN to RN California almost impossible!!

    Yeah its tough, IMO be willing to move. When my husband and I decided I should start looking outside my area I got in. Apply everywhere you are willing to move too. I moved from norcal to socal for my program.
  9. Nienna Celebrindal

    Should I start RN school? Have not passed PN boards

    If its an LVN to RN program you need the license, if its just an RN program you don't. I would wait as short of a time as possible to apply.
  10. Nienna Celebrindal

    "You won't be IV certified..."

    When I was LVN I had to do it elsewhere, I've also never heard of a program that includes it. Just do a search of IV certification and your area. They'll pop up. Then shop around for a good price.
  11. Nienna Celebrindal

    Should I go straight through?

    I would agree with PP, at least get a year in, you'll be amazed at what you learn in a year.
  12. Nienna Celebrindal

    Online Microbiology class

    Mine was the same and I got into a California State University. I did it through South University but I don't think they let you do just one class. I did an Allied Health AS degree there to complete most of my pre-reqs. ETA, it was really tough. Don't let the online thing fool you, you will work hard.
  13. Nienna Celebrindal

    Microbio and patho at the same time?

    I know this post is old but for anyone thinking of it I personally would not. I retook patho (I had taken it several years before, got an A, but my cohort was taking it and I just retook to brush up my knowledge) and took pharm on the same day back to back and it seriously was horrible. I struggled and I had taken patho before, and pharm is probably not as tough as mirco. You could certainly try but be prepared for a really tough semester. I would advise tutoring and limiting all outside distractions. Let people in your life know you will be mostly unavailable.
  14. Nienna Celebrindal

    Early 50s Too Late?

    My classmate was 72, no joke. She wanted to end her LVN career finally getting her RN. And let me say, she often kicked our butts on tests, she was great. Go for it!
  15. Nienna Celebrindal

    Do we matter?

    At my hospital we absolutely use them and need them. The CNAs are so amazingly helpful!
  16. Nienna Celebrindal


    I got a lot on mine. I got a lippincott SATA practice book. When I started I was doing terribly, in the low 30s as far as percent. But by half way through the boot I was in the 80s and 90s. I honestly think for me I needed to learn how to read the questions and know what they were looking for. I really think practice and getting comfortable is key.

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