Hired at UC Davis MC: Where should I live??

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Hi all! I am very happy to report I was just offered a nursing position at UCDMC. I currently live in San Francisco and will move to Sacramento for the job. Can anyone recommend a good neighborhood that is relatively lively, safe, with an easy commute to the med center? Any other tips?

Thanks for your help! :-)

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Midtown....definitely! ?

it is about 5 minutes to UCDMC....

I had all my clinicals here....what unit did you get hired into? CONGRATS!

Thank you! It's an operating room training program, my dream job! Do you work at UCDMC?

Midtown sounds pretty awesome, though it's a little more expensive right? Is it 5 minutes by bus or driving? I'm fine with paying a little more for a good location. Would really like to be close to shops, cafes, restaurants, a grocery store, etc. If you have any more tips, I'd love to hear. Thanks again! ?

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I'll PM you now :)


I also just got hired for the OR program at UC Davis!! So exciting! I'm moving from Maryland so I really have no idea about where I should live either but I'm doing my research.

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I've never been a huge fan of Sacramento. If it were me I'd move to Davis or someplace like Elk Grove. There's some really cool towns in the outlying areas.

Mike, why don't you like Sac? In what ways are the outlying towns cool? :-) Thanks!!

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my vote goes to Davis as well. Cute little college town, decent night life/bar scene if you're into that, awesome farmers market, good living, very safe, friendly people, younger crowd, and generally pretty cheap. I went to school there and did an internship at UCDMC, the drive isn't too bad, especially if you're reverse commute hours.

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CA RN 444 said:
Mike, why don't you like Sac? In what ways are the outlying towns cool? ? Thanks!!

Personally, I just found Sac boring and unimpressive. There was nothing special about it, and I think it's a tough place to meet people.

I've lived in various parts of the Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Bay Areas and Davis has been my favorite by far, for many of the reasons Lindsey listed.

Ok good to know, I will take that into consideration. Thanks again!

i like Davis, but I grew up in Vacaville my whole childhood. Great place to raise kids, has outlets. It is a lil bit of a commute, but worth it if you have a family you want to raise in a quiet, safe town

Congrats! My friend works there and LOVES it!

It really depends on what type of lifestyle you want. Midtown is a great option if you want to go out (eat, drink, be merry). This is where I live for about $500/mo (pretty reasonable esp. if you're coming from the Bay). Davis feels like a LONG drive, but it is a safe, health conscious college town. Definitely a better location (compared to Midtown) if you're looking to buy a house and settle down with a family. If you are interested in a good location to raise a family (and can afford it), I highly recommend East Sacramento!

I'd stay away from Natomas, Folsom, and Roseville because you'll be at UCDMC.

Feel free to PM me!

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