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  1. Career prospects in Wyoming?

    Im a new grad, out of ADN for a year, and within 2 days of my application in WY I was called directly. Had a phone interview and it went well so my webcam interview will be soon. This is really surprising bc it has been extremely difficult in San Die...
  2. New Grad ADN Jobs in Wyoming

    I am an ADN new grad in San Diego (grad 12/2012), and recently applied for 6 or so jobs with Banner Health, which has 3 hospitals in WY. Within 2 days of my online application I was called directly, and just had a phone interview for a new grad posit...
  3. grossmont college waiting list

    re: FEAR IS MOTIVATION. rizzy81, it can be a bit more difficult than in the past, simply because admission priority is on a point system. The better the grades, and other criteria, the better a chance you have. take an alternate position if they offe...
  4. Accepted into Grossmont College 2012

    nic, el cajon/east county is not the greatest place to live, it's kind of trashy (moved here in feb). but areas right around campus (san carlos, fletcher hills, del cerro) are nice, but they're mostly homes and expensive apt complexes. Transportation...
  5. Should I do an MSN or RN to MSN program

    From what I understand, a majority of the RN-MSN programs integrate the BSN into the program. When you matriculate, you will complete your BSN courses, then go into the MSN coursework, graduating with both a BSN and MSN. Im unsure of the requirements...
  6. grossmont college waiting list

    jens2010: Same with me, o well, I'm on plan D already....... I'm smart, but it doesn't necessarily translate on paper. Good luck with everything
  7. grossmont college waiting list

    i wonder if anyone has heard back from them for the next spring and fall 2011 cohort. now that it's october, i'm antsy to find out. is the notification through email, or postal mail? the website is slightly ambiguous, as i am not on the waitlist.: [...
  8. Don't give up on the SDSU Accelerated Baccalaureate

    For me, I receive periodic emails from Orbis about them trying to get into Cali, as well as Marian and the one in Vegas. Marian does not accept course forgiveness which counted me out.... But I've really moved on from the whole situation.
  9. USN launches A-BSN program to start Oct 2010

    Still thinking about this school, another site had a review and to sum it up, USN got 1 of 10 stars... is it nationally accredited? on its site it only mentioned nevada state board of nursing
  10. USN launches A-BSN program to start Oct 2010

    hi everyone, I was just introduced to this program today, because the SDSU program was cancelled in San Diego. So it seems that this program is also brand new, would October be the first cohort? It seems the cost of living is cheaper in LV than SD, b...
  11. Don't give up on the SDSU Accelerated Baccalaureate

    HI SUZYWOO, On the other thread I think someone said there was the possibility that this program may be up for approval for a January cohort. Have you heard anything like this?
  12. Hired at UC Davis MC: Where should I live??

    i like Davis, but I grew up in Vacaville my whole childhood. Great place to raise kids, has outlets. It is a lil bit of a commute, but worth it if you have a family you want to raise in a quiet, safe town