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  1. mochagirl26

    What does your username mean?

    It means that I spend WAAAAY too much at starbucks + my favorite numbers (2 and 6)
  2. mochagirl26

    Hired at UC Davis MC - where should I live??

    Congrats! My friend works there and LOVES it! It really depends on what type of lifestyle you want. Midtown is a great option if you want to go out (eat, drink, be merry). This is where I live for about $500/mo (pretty reasonable esp. if you're coming from the Bay). Davis feels like a LONG drive, but it is a safe, health conscious college town. Definitely a better location (compared to Midtown) if you're looking to buy a house and settle down with a family. If you are interested in a good location to raise a family (and can afford it), I highly recommend East Sacramento! I'd stay away from Natomas, Folsom, and Roseville because you'll be at UCDMC. Feel free to PM me!
  3. mochagirl26

    Teas June 24th,2010 @ SMU

    Don't quote me on this, but I think we are taking version 4.0. Good luck getting ready and let me know if you have any questions! :)
  4. mochagirl26

    Teas June 24th,2010 @ SMU

    I'll be there! Same time, same place. I'm pretty nervous about this exam since I'm going to need a refresher on just about every section. Do you guys ever study at coffee shops around Sac?
  5. mochagirl26

    Sierra College (Rocklin, CA) - Pre-reqs

    Hi, let me know if you ever want to talk about nursing I'm in Sacramento too. I wasn't able to get into A&P at ARC, do you have any more information on how you signed up with Sutter Extension? I think this is a great idea!
  6. mochagirl26

    What Is The Best Department To Work In As A CNA??

    Thank you for your responses. They were very helpful! I ended up getting a position at a hospital in the Neurology and Spinal Cord Trauma Department! I've also put my name on a list to move into the ER. I didn't realize it, but the ER is the MOST sought after department (and it requires some experience). The other departments had openings, but I heard that I would learn the most on the trauma floor. I'm looking forward to my first day so I can find out! :)
  7. mochagirl26

    Should I transfer? UC Davis student

    I have also heard that UCD is starting a BSN program. There was some talk about it starting 2011, but I think they were waiting until after the MSN program was up and going before adding the BSN option. My guess is it will be pushed back to 2012 or maybe even 2013. Would you consider transferring to UCLA or UCI (both have nursing programs)?
  8. mochagirl26

    TEAS Test Question

    Good luck studying! I will be taking the test in a couple of months & heard the ATI study guide is a must. Does anyone know, can a Mac properly run the online ATI practice test for TEAS?
  9. mochagirl26

    Help To Interpret TEAS Score

    What types of certificates would be helpful?
  10. mochagirl26

    Anyone wishing to start BSN in 2012?

    Do you know what department you'll be volunteering in?? I've heard that one of the factors schools look at is experience in hospitals when admitting students, but I'm not sure how accurate this is.
  11. mochagirl26

    California's 2010 New Grad RN Program

    Apparently this program is open again for this summer!
  12. mochagirl26

    Applying Without Any Luck, What Now?

    If you are in CA, Loma Linda Children's Hospital has a RN Residency in Pediatrics (they started accepting apps yesterday and will only take them until May 2nd). Good luck getting something!!
  13. mochagirl26

    Anyone applying at Sac City or American River College?

    Cry. Then perhaps do something do something productive. I'm going to start applying to programs in the Fall and keep applying until I get into a program. In the meantime, I'll try to build on my experience. I hope to get a volunteer position at a hospital by this summer! I can't really think of what to do beyond that since I've heard you can't get certificates until AFTER becoming an RN