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  1. linRdsNay

    Do you see a generational gap in nursing?

    As a "20-something" I'm kind of insulted by this, because not ALL "20-somethings" are lazy or spoiled. Nursing is a 2nd career for me, I worked for 4 years after getting my first degree and then decided to go back to school for my BSN. I've worked hard from the beginning to get where I am and now I'm working hard in the unit of my preference. Maybe I'm not the norm. Obviously you've all seen a trend in the younger nurses which caused this thread to be written in the first place. I'm just saying to not dismiss all younger nurses. You never know people's stories and where they come from, but its certainly easy to assume. :)
  2. linRdsNay

    How many of you NGs are on nights?

    I'm a new grad working nights. But I think as a part of my new grad orientation, I work several weeks on nights and then several weeks on days to orient to both schedules. I'm kind of diggin nights though, so once my orientation training is over, I'm pretty sure I'll stay on nights.
  3. linRdsNay

    UCLA New Grad Program 2010

    When I was over in Nursing Recruitment the other day for some stuff, I overheard them say that the next round of applications will open Nov 1st and to look for information on the website sometime in October. Good Luck!
  4. linRdsNay

    Preparing for Anatomy/Physiology 2

    It sounds like you should just repeat what you did for your first A&P class...after all, you did get an A :) good luck!
  5. linRdsNay

    What is your opinion on this matter?

    It sounds like you're already pretty involved in the matter, and I commend you for this! Keep fighting the issue. Someone certainly has their priorities out of order.
  6. linRdsNay

    UCLA New Grad Program 2010

    Now that you mention it, I think she said we get the scrub jacket in addition to the three pairs of scrubs. I could be mistaken though... Some units have different orientations because I for one am not going to the orientation this upcoming monday, but instead going to a NICU specific orientation/class. Perhaps you should call your hiring manager to confirm?
  7. linRdsNay

    UCLA New Grad Program 2010

    I think I remember Sheri saying that they give us the first three uniforms and if we want more after that we pay. I'm not sure how much for each though. Does that sound familiar to anyone else?
  8. linRdsNay

    UCLA New Grad Program 2010

    ^ I agree. I've had to reschedule my new hire Occupational Health appointment a couple times now due to the unit specific classes I'm required to attend. They are nothing but friendly and helpful at that office. Now I'm just waiting to schedule all the other hospital trainings and paperwork signing; just waiting for Nursing Resources to receive word about me from my hiring manager. :)
  9. linRdsNay

    Hang in there, new grads!

    keep at it fellow new grads! if this offers any sort of encouragement, I graduated in Dec09 and was just offered a position at not only a great hospital, but in my unit of preference. Stay strong and keep those applications flowing :) You never know which application could be the "golden ticket"
  10. linRdsNay

    UCLA New Grad Program 2010

    ^^ what unit were you hired in?
  11. linRdsNay

    Got asked to primary!!

    Congrats!! I love the connections you can make with the families in the NICU, it's part of the reason why I wanted so badly to work in that unit. Take pride and joy in the fact that you're doing well, but I agree with BittyBabyGrower. It might be better to keep yourself open to future cases.
  12. linRdsNay


    Thank you for starting this thread! I will be starting a NICU new grad position soon and I was wondering the same thing! Thanks!
  13. linRdsNay

    NICU Job Upon Graduation

    Would it be possible to take on a volunteer position at that hospital, maybe even in the NICU itself? Even if it's just paperwork or filing, its a great way for you to get noticed and for people there to get to know you. Good luck!
  14. linRdsNay

    New Grad NICU Support Thread

    my dream has come true! I was just offered a position in the NICU! I had given up because my interview was so long ago, but I just received the call. the hospital trainings and NICU classes start next week and I couldn't be more excited!! :D:D:D
  15. linRdsNay

    UCLA New Grad Program 2010

    Well, again, UCLA has proved me wrong! Just when I give up, I get a call OFFERING ME A JOB!!! This is a NICU position (the unit I precepted in) and I start with all the trainings and NICU classes next week!! I couldn't be more excited! :D:D:D:D:D
  16. linRdsNay

    did i fail the nclex today?

    try the pearson vue trick. it could put your nerves at ease :)