UC Davis RN residency July/Oct 2015

U.S.A. California


Hi! Was wondering if anyone received any interview calls yet?

Also...will they be interviewing right now for October cohort too? Does anyone know?

Hi! My application has been routed, but no calls yet. Do you know what units are hiring for either cohort?

No I have no idea! Hopefully we get calls soon!!

Is routed app a personalized thing? Or will everyone's statuses say routed? And does that mean they're sending applications to certain units?

I think everyone's application will say routed. It means that the selected applications have been sent to the hiring managers in whichever units they are hiring which they did not specify.

That's what I thought. I'm not counting on getting an interview just because it's so competitive! But still... Crossing my fingers.

Joining thread! Very curious when everyone will start receiving calls!

Hi everyone! No calls yet, and I was wondering the same thing about being accepted to the October cohort. I wonder if the July/October cohorts will be hired at the same time, or if the October cohort will be notified at a later time? Does anyone know of anyone who has gone through the program? I hear that they favor Sacramento-area applicants..good luck everyone, and let's keep this thread going! :geek:

I hadn't even considered that October cohort would be contacted at a later time.. Now I am curious too because I won't even be graduated yet in July. I don't remember it specifying which one we wanted during the application process, I just assumed they'd figure it out.. I don't know anyone who has gone through the program but I also heard they take a lot of out of state applicants too!

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Hey guys! I know someone that just got called for an interview in L&D, but don't know anyone who has been called for any other units yet!

Hi all. My application has also been routed. My brother, who went through this program 2 years ago and still works there, told me that the process is slow but hopefully we should hear about something in the next week if anything.

Glad I found this thread. I was wondering whether anyone had heard from or already went on interviews, especially for those going for July spots. I did read in a previous post for last year that they place you based on your residency/senior preceptor placement. I hope not. Mine was in Tele last semester and this semester my residency is in L&D, which is what I want. Good luck to everyone!

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