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  1. kah_0123

    Seattle's UWMC/Swedish Nursing Residency 2016

    Thank you!! I did my panel interview on the 7th! I'm sure you'll hear back soon depending on your unit!!! All the rest start in August I think
  2. kah_0123

    Seattle's UWMC/Swedish Nursing Residency 2016

    I got hired in the postpartum department! I just found out yesterday :) I only interviewed for my first choice unit, I'm not sure if they interview one person for multiple units. The people on my panel were managers and staff specific to my unit.
  3. kah_0123

    Swedish Medical Center Residency 2015

    I am interviewing for the postpartum floor tomorrow! The nerves are really starting to kick in! Do you have any tips you could offer me and/or would you like to share any of your experience with the residency on the post partum floor? I'm so excited :)
  4. If I remember correctly on the application page it said which departments they have open for this cohort.
  5. I think it does have to do with the unit you choose. The labor & delivery/post partum date starts in June, and they were my first choice units.
  6. I got an email today asking for a second interview! Anybody else hearing back at all?
  7. Just finished HR interview! She had me pick my top 3 as well and said that I would hear back late March early April! She also said none of the start dates are confirmed, but they'll know soon. :)
  8. I just received an email from them and they told me that June 6 is the start date only for Labor and Delivery/postpartum and then the others will start either August 1 or October 24, all of which the application is open for now.
  9. kah_0123

    Seattle's UWMC/Swedish Nursing Residency 2016

    Thank you! I applied last Tuesday and they called me this Monday. Good luck to you!
  10. Wow! Thank you so much for all of your helpful tips! Best of luck to you both :) I'm already nervous and still have almost a week until my interview as this will be my first nursing interview!
  11. kah_0123

    Seattle's UWMC/Swedish Nursing Residency 2016

    Hey guys! I just got a call today and set up the HR interview! I have no idea what to expect with this part of the process, and obviously you all have been through it, so any tips would be very appreciated.. Thanks!
  12. They did! My interview is set up for next week! So exciting:)
  13. How exciting, best of luck to you!! When did you apply? And what department did you put as #1 on the application? I haven't heard back yet :/
  14. I have been waiting for the application to open up and when I searched today there it was! Submitted my application and now it's a waiting game.. Would like to stay in touch with other people in the same boat as me for the Summer 2016 cohort, so is anyone else out there applying or have you gone through the process and have any advice? So exciting! :)
  15. kah_0123

    New Grad RN in California

    Any tips on how to get a job as a new grad in California? I know its tough out there, but anything helps.. Also, any suggestions on specific hospitals that will be having new grad residency programs coming up in the fall or winter? Thanks in advance :)
  16. kah_0123

    UC Davis RN residency July/Oct 2015

    I hadn't even considered that October cohort would be contacted at a later time.. Now I am curious too because I won't even be graduated yet in July. I don't remember it specifying which one we wanted during the application process, I just assumed they'd figure it out.. I don't know anyone who has gone through the program but I also heard they take a lot of out of state applicants too!