UC Davis RN residency July/Oct 2015

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Hi! Was wondering if anyone received any interview calls yet?

Also...will they be interviewing right now for October cohort too? Does anyone know?

@ dracaena: I didn't graduate until May 17 and applied on the 23rd of April I think. I'm sure they know that there will be a few new grads applying, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Thanks :-) That's what I figured, I'm just a bit paranoid!

Reviving this thread. Any updates?

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I had a friend hired into Internal Medicine. Does anyone know what units are hiring now and which ones are hiring in October?

I was hired into the maternity unit for the Oct cohort. Know they already hired 4 total this year: 2 for July and 2 for Oct, because I was given a choice of start date. Good luck!!

Hey all,

A Facebook page has been started for those who have been hired for this UC Davis new grad cohort. Search for "UC Davis nursing residency July 2015" and request to join! Hope to see some of you Monday!

Hi all! So for those that have not received any updates or invitations, it is safe to assume that we are out of the game, correct? Have they completed all the hiring process for October cohort as well? My application status is still showing in "route", ugh- oh well!


I've pretty much given up on this one too Chilipepper554, yet surely there must be an alternate list as Oct is a long way away and newly hired candidates can get offers elsewhere. It would have been nice to at least alert those who didn't make it past the personality assessment as it would eliminate a lot of false hope.

I too have given up hope. ):

I went through the interview process, but was not selected :( I'm hoping it has mostly to do with the fact that I'm still not licensed (I've been waiting for almost 3 months on my ATT) :(:cry: I've asked about the October cohort and have not heard back from anyone, so I'm assuming I'm out :-( good luck to everyone else!

There is still hope for October. I was called to interview with the Neuro ICU a week or two prior to the July start date. She said that a position opened unexpectedly and it needed to be filled right away. However I did not have my ATT yet. She told me that I couldn't interview since I didn't have a test date yet, but that I would still be considered for October. It seems as if they interview pretty close to the start date, so they probably wont finish interviews until September.

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I received an email response yesterday after I asked about which units already hired/are hiring for which start dates/and if interviews were completed and this was the response I received from the nurse residency program recruiter:

"The only thing I can tell is that managers are starting to request applicants for the October 26 Cohort. Interviews are taking place now through early October."

I received this yesterday on 8/14/15, so there may still be hope :)

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