UC Davis RN residency July/Oct 2015

U.S.A. California


Hi! Was wondering if anyone received any interview calls yet?

Also...will they be interviewing right now for October cohort too? Does anyone know?

I just received a call from the NICU nurse manager on Friday asking me to come for an interview, so it seems there are still positions to fill. As it turns out I am now in a position to turn it down (just got hired by Stanford) and that felt strangely good!

Hi, I will be applying for the 2016 cohort. I was interested in how competitive it is? For the people that got interviewed and/or offered a position - did you have extensive medical field experience prior to nursing school? Bilingual? 4.0 GPA's? Extensive clinical volunteering? I am just anxious to feel out where I may stand in the applicant pool. Thanks!

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