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  1. buttercupp85

    Have anybody just used Kaplan and passed?

    I only used Saunders and Kaplan and passed the first time in July. I used Saunders to brush up on topics I knew I was weak on (helloooo OB!) but mostly I just took practice questions and test from Kaplan and went through every single rationale (yes even the ones I got right, because sometimes I would get questions right for the wrong reasoning) and wrote down anything I didn't know or what I got wrong. Made a list, reviewed that list using Saunders. Rinse lather repeat. Good luck!!!
  2. buttercupp85

    St. Lukes Children's

    I just got hired there as a new grad and love it. Halfway through orientation now! Feel free to pm me with questions :)
  3. buttercupp85

    Passed NCLEX 1st Time Kaplan Scores in 50s and Pearson Vue Trick (PVT)

    I also was scoring in the 50's on Kaplan. I mean, once in a while I would get maybe a 68 from a qbank 75 question test. I got a 49 on qtrainer 6 and a 53 on qtrainer 7. I was freaking out. However, I would study every rationale I didn't know (including the ones I got right) and would at least look up every disease or drug that I came upon that I wasn't familiar with. Basically I would study off of every single Kaplan test. And I did everything besides 325 questions on the qbank. I passed in about 125-130 questions. I had turned off the question numbers after 100 (they were starting to stress me out), so I'm estimating how many I got. I know someone who was scoring significantly higher than me on Kaplan and failed. But I think understanding the rationales and why I got questions wrong helped me so much, and studying off what I didn't know after a test was super helpful as well. I think I had a good study system. I also took deep breaths when I was getting stressed during the test and practiced positive thinking. I pushed negative thoughts out of my head and told myself repeatedly that I was going to pass because I have studied so much and worked so hard. I even wrote my name and RN BSN next to it before the test so I could visualize my success
  4. buttercupp85

    Test on July 15 2015 HELP

    Well I tested on the 14th, got about 130 questions (I turned off the counter after 80- it was stressing me out!), and felt terrible after. I wanted to puke, cry, and drink, not sure of what exact order. Well I don't even know HOW this happened, but I checked the my state's BON website just shy of 24 hours after I started the test... And my license was ALREADY posted!!! No idea how this happened, no one else in my class had their license post so soon. So glad I only had 24 hours of pure torture instead of 48! I did pay the $8 for the quick results the next day, just in case (I'm paranoid haha). Of course I had passed. For those of you using Kaplan, I was panicked a couple days before the test. Literally all my test scores for Kaplan were in the 50's. I think I did one 75 question test I made from the qbank and got 68% but that was the best. My lowest was 49%. I really read the rationales and basically looked up everything I didn't know. I studied off every single test basically. I also know someone who was scoring 68-80% on Kaplan and failed the nclex. I really believe it's how you study and if you are understanding WHY you're getting questions wrong. I also did not do the PVT. I am not gambling with $200 of my money, I don't think it's accurate, and PV is supposedly onto it and trying to fix it so it doesn't happen. Also be positive! We all can pass! Push out any negative thoughts ESPECIALLY during the test :)
  5. buttercupp85

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2015

    I mean I've done so many applications in the past 4 months or so I could be confused... But I thought I remembered choosing 3 units in order of preference.
  6. buttercupp85

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2015

    I don't know... But I've read the previous years threads and it seems like they interview 70-75 people at this stage for around 15 spots. Plus you don't know how many people you're competing against for the three units you chose!
  7. buttercupp85

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2015

    That's what the email said. 2 min answers and only answers from clinical or healthcare related work.
  8. buttercupp85

    Oregon Health and Science University 2014 cohort

    It really depends on the quarter what Fridays are like. For simulations, they are usually 4 hours, either in the morning or afternoon. I think I only had one simulation that was more of an all day thing. Some terms, you'll either have clinicals Thursdays or Friday's, and they'll take into consideration if you prefer one over the other because of work or something.
  9. buttercupp85

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2015

    Thank you!!! Good luck to you too. I'm sure we'll all do great 😃
  10. buttercupp85

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2015

    I got a call. I forgot to email back and the recruiter called me to make sure I could still make it.
  11. buttercupp85

    Post your graduation countdown :)

    Pinning in 3 days, graduation in 4! 🎉🎓🎈😍💕
  12. buttercupp85

    Timeline for graduation, NCLEX, and 1st RN Job

    Okay I'm still in the middle of this but I'll play. Feb: started applying for jobs. Apr: 4 interviews. Apr 30: offered job May 15: all paperwork turned in for nclex licensure May 20: 5th interview June 12: will graduate. June 23: interview at my dream hospital. Att: ??? Nclex: ??? I'm still interviewing but pretty sure I'm going to take the first job that I was offered. Unless my dream hospital accepts me but it's pretty competitive!
  13. buttercupp85

    Legacy RN Versant Residency Program Summer 2015

    That makes me feel better actually thanks! I feel like I did better on my picu interview than the peds interview. And I only went to one acute peds table and I forget which floors it was for. I'm still not totally counting on a call since it's so competitive. But I have a little more hope!
  14. buttercupp85

    Legacy RN Versant Residency Program Summer 2015

    I read in another thread that people were already getting calls for peds. I knew legacy was super competitive when i started this process! Oh well, at least I have a job offer elsewhere still. Good luck to everyone that's going on for the second round of interviews!
  15. buttercupp85

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2015

    Check your email! I just got my interview time and date just now.
  16. buttercupp85

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2015

    Nope. And I've been checking everyday! If I don't hear anything by the end of this week probably will email on Monday ... I'm living in Oregon right now so have to plan!