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Hi Everyone!

I'm a student at UC Davis (freshman) and I want to go into nursing. I am taking pre-reqs for nursing school right now. I basically have 2 options:

1. Transfer after my sophomore year and get my BSN from a state school


2. Stay at UC Davis and enter an accelerated program after I graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Human Development.

I was wondering which track you would recommend and why?

I really love Davis so transferring isn't ideal, but if accelerated programs are more competitive then it may be the smartest move.

Also, what besides academics would make my application more competitive?

Thanks so much!

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I don't's really up to you if you wnna transfer after 2 years or go for an acclerated program. Personally, I would transfer--why waste money at Davis when you can do the pre-reqs at a cc and save $$$? Unless you really want that degree at Davis, I wouldn't stay there. Get work experience, 2nd language capability, volunteering, high teas score/gpa will make you more competitive.

I would transfer to a CC and finish my pre-reqs there. It would definitely save you money. Plus it seems counterproductive getting a bachelors that you aren't going to even use.

A high teas score, paid work experience, and a 2nd language will make you more competitive. Volunteering IMO doesn't help at all.

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Isn't Davis opening up a BSN program in like 2012? That is what I have heard.

Between your two options, go for a BSN at a state school. Accelerated programs are extremely expensive and they really only make sense for people that want to get their RN quick - since you don't even have a bachelor's yet, you would probably finish with a BSN from a state school at the same time you would with a bachelor's and a BSN from an accelerated program.

I have also heard that UCD is starting a BSN program. There was some talk about it starting 2011, but I think they were waiting until after the MSN program was up and going before adding the BSN option.

My guess is it will be pushed back to 2012 or maybe even 2013.

Would you consider transferring to UCLA or UCI (both have nursing programs)?

You should try to find out more about that program, I too also heard the program was coming into place, not sure the expected date.

I also graduated from UCD a few years ago and knew I wanted to be a nurse. I remember having the exact same debate you are having now. I decided to go the accelerated program route. Nursing programs everywhere in California are impacted, but if you wait for an accelerated program you have the advantage of being in a smaller pool of applicants as they only take people who already have their bachelors degree. Not to mention I like the perspective that having a degree in a different major provided me with coming into nursing. However you might also want to factor in the cost of an accelerated program as some of them can be a tad pricey. It all comes down to cost, how fast you want to get into a program and how impacted those programs are. Best of luck to you!

My advice would be to transfer to a community college and finish your nursing pre-requisites at a CC to save money.

You can either get your ADN or transfer to another school for your BSN.

Why are you getting a degree in Human Development when your goal is to become a RN? You're going to be wasting a lot of money and having debt when you finish. ABSN programs are expensive and you can expect to pay around 40K for the program. Save time and money by going to a CC or transferring to another school.

if you are able to maintain a 4.0 GPA and have take some spanish, you should have no problem being able to get into Sac State's BSN program. If you do that, I would transfer to Sac State asap so you can get their requirements done instead of UCD's requirements. With the budget the way it is, there's no telling when UCD will get approval to add a BSN. Currently their site says "Additional students and programs will be phased in over the coming years" so who knows when that will be.

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If you've got the cash to stay at UCD and get a degree that you really don't have any use for then go for it. Otherwise, try to transfer to a school with a BSN program while also getting on the waitlist/lottery rotation at the community colleges.

Sac State no longer offers an ABSN program. Bummer...

I was in the EXACT SAME situation. A UC Davis Student, and I knew I wanted to be a nurse my freshmen year.

Here's what I did. I stayed only for my freshmen year, then I left to go to a community college. Now, I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but its seriously the best decision I've ever made for these reasons:

1) The nursing advising staff at UC Davis knows absolutely nothing. They've all told me wrong information.

2) At the community colleges, the path is clear cut. They tell you exactly which classes to take. Whereas UC Davis, they have "suggestions" on what to take, and then tell you to research on your own whether those suggestions fulfill requirements elsewhere. I decided to go on that search and after months of counseling appointments, emails, phone calls to nursing schools and online research I couldn't find decisive answers from anyone that the classes I were taking were correct.

3) It will take you more than 2 years to take everything you need at UC Davis. Look at the prerequisites for Microbiology, Anatomy, and Physiology. At most community colleges, the only prerequisite is general chemistry (which you've probably already taken).

4) Money. Lots of it. Saved by going to the community college.

5) Since spent my first year at UCD and now finishing my second at a Community College, I've finished all my prerequisites in only two years and I'm applying to nursing schools right now.

Now, all of that might not be advice you take. But if you take anything away from this post, PLEASE DO THIS.

Go to one of these sessions:

The lady who decides exactly what fulfills the prerequisties at CSUS runs these sessions. They tell you everything you need to know about Sac State's program, which is very similar to most other programs. Go to it. Bring your questions, the classes you've take, the classes you plan to take and ensure those classes qualify to fulfill the prerequisites.

Anyway, please feel free to message me! I've been exactly where you are right now. :) I hope some of what I've said here helps. :)

Hi Everyone!

I was wondering which track you would recommend and why?

I really love Davis so transferring isn't ideal, but if accelerated programs are more competitive then it may be the smartest move.

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