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jennafezz specializes in Telemetry.

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  1. jennafezz

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    Geographic location: East Bay Area, CA Pay rate: $58.48 base In which area / specialty do you work?: Intermediate/Telemetry What type of license do you have (RN or LPN)?: RN What type of degree and/or certification do you have?: BSN (MSN in progress) How many years of experience do you have?: Almost two Are you full-time, part-time, or casual / per diem / PRN status?: Full time What shift do you work?: Nights (12 hrs) Do you receive any shift differential?: $5.64 nights, $2-something for weekends Are you a manager or supervisor?: No
  2. jennafezz

    I feel like I'm not going anywhere in Nursing!!!

    i recently graduated from csueb and plenty of people in my cohort had 3.5 GPAs. that's crazy talk. please apply. make up for it with a good TEAS score and you will be fine. it's not as insanely competitive as people like to tell you.
  3. jennafezz

    new graduate RN...question about holidays

    I didn't orient on holidays because they didn't want to pay holiday pay to an orientee, since I was extra staffing.
  4. jennafezz

    cheaper alternative to greys anatomy tops

    Scrubology. They sell it at some Sears. They make Grey's and Koi replicas. Not exactly the same but close enough to be worth the price drop.
  5. jennafezz

    East Coast vs West Coast Nursing

    Sacramento has pretty good pay vs. cost of living. Patient ratios are a wonderful thing and I've never not gotten breaks.
  6. You're just tutoring, all that is normally required of a college tutor is very successful completion of the classes you are tutoring for. You aren't telling them how to be experienced nurses, you're just helping them with their current coursework. New grads who hadn't yet found jobs were tutoring for people in my nursing class.
  7. jennafezz

    There is hope...

    this has been my experience as a new grad (seven months in now), very blessed to be supported by great charges and great coworkers.
  8. i would call in a week. i like your username.
  9. jennafezz

    Something my clinical instructor said...

    are you sure the NS wasn't just the primary bag for the antibiotic piggyback?
  10. jennafezz

    2 Job Offers! Which One to Choose?!

    If it's a standard offer letter, yes you can "go back on it" but I wouldn't expect to ever be hired there again. Burned bridge. However, some new grad offers are like contracts where you agree to work for two years or whatever, and some of those can have penalties (fees) involved with breaking the contract. The offer letter would state this if it were the case, though.
  11. jennafezz

    Resume critique (new grad, no healthcare experience)

    many of those words don't need to be capitalized. too many for me to list right now but examples are "glucose" and "speaking, reading, writing".
  12. jennafezz

    RN Salary Survey 2013: Post here!

    1. State you work in: California (SF Bay Area) 2. Years of experience: Six months (new grad) 3. Specialty/unit and work setting: Telemetry, hospital 4. Hourly Pay (base rate) or salary: 55.45 hourly 5. Differentials (if any): 10% nights, 5% weekends (I work nights) 6. Union?: Yes, and they take about $110 a month in dues For cost of living comparison, the 3bd single family homes around here are going for 450-650k depending on neighborhood.
  13. jennafezz

    csueb admission change

    In my nursing class at CSUEB (graduated last December), only like three people (out of 65) had started at CSUEB as freshmen and completed all prereqs there... that's really interesting though.
  14. jennafezz

    How should I go about becoming an RN?

    Just curious as to the reasons you're avoiding the standard community college/state university ADN/BSN routes?
  15. jennafezz

    Pay Rate

    everyone has a personal preference as to the farthest east in the bay area they'd be comfortable living. brentwood is just farther than my preference. i feel that there's not enough going on there. and the "70 minutes to pleasanton" is extremely real in traffic, which would affect any day shift worker, as commute traffic to brentwood is terrible. i think the main point here is whether or not the bay area is expensive, and i think we agree that the farther away you live, the cheaper it is.
  16. jennafezz

    Pay Rate

    that's cause brentwood is in the middle of nowhere and most people living there have to commute extremely far to work..

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