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  1. Lauren4268

    Creighton MSN/DNP anyone?

    I'm at Creighton as an undergrad in their accelerated BSN program and love it. The campus is great, but mostly the school of nursing is fantastic. The Dean has come and talked to our class a few times just to get insight on how we are doing. I'm sure the program chair of the MSN or DNP program would meet with you and answer any questions you have. I know for undergrad admissions they were on a rolling basis and we were told we'd find out in 4-6 weeks after everything was submitted. I found out exactly 5 weeks after that I had been accepted. Good luck!
  2. Lauren4268

    CHOC NICU New Grad August 2011

    Hi Katie! I'm not a new grad who was hired, but I was wondering if you could give some information on your background and the interview process. I'm graduating in Decemeber and would LOVE to work at CHOC. I'm coming from out of state, so I'm not sure what my chances are...but I'd still love to hear any advice you can give. Congrats on getting hired! I've heard its a great program and place to work. -Lauren
  3. Lauren4268

    Anyone starting Creighton Accelerated BSN?

    Alipearson, From what I understand, Hastings is a much smaller campus/experience. I think they watch all lectures recorded from the main campus, and then have clinicals at the local hospital. I'd say it's a good experience if you are interested in rural health care, but I don't think you'd get the same expereince as being on the main CU campus. I'm at the main campus now, so I'm not entirely sure how accurate I am. One thing I do know that's nice is because the class size is so small (5-7 students versus 45) is you have a better clinical ratio. I'd email the recruiter for more info, she's very helpful and not pushy at all =)
  4. Lauren4268

    Any schools still accepting applications? PLEASE HELP!

    Creighton University in Omaha, NE accepts them on a rolling basis year long until each class is full. I've heard from others that this fall is full, but it doesn't hurt to apply. They put together a waiting list and accept people until orientation day. It's a great program, I'm in it right now.
  5. Lauren4268

    Creighton accelerated nursing program

    I'm in the program right now and almost done with the first semester...thank god!!! Everyone tells you it is intense, but you won't really know how it is until you start. In my undergrad, I took 15-18 units a semester and worked 40+ hours a week, and had more free time then I do in this program without working at all. Its definitely manageable, and to me it will be worth it in 9 months when I'll be done!!! It's also been a great experience so far with the school of nursing. Great professors who are really supportive of students. Many of them went to Creighton and a few did the accelerated program, so they know how we feel.
  6. Lauren4268

    Creighton 2011

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd chime in...I just started the January 2011 class and love it so far!! Biggest thing I've noticed is it's more intense that you will think. Clinicals and class time are equal to a full time job, plus all the studying outside of class. They mean it when they say no chance of working during the program. The first semester you have class mondays and tuesdays all day, and clinicals wed/thu or wed/fri depending on what rotation you are in (long term care, OB, or school screenings). Second semester is class mon/fri, and clinicals t/w/t with rotations being psych, pediatrics, and med/surg. The last 7 weeks or so of the program is your preceptorship, which follows the schedule of your preceptor, so anywhere from 3-5 days/week depending on shift type. Easiest way to find out if program is full is to contact the recruiter E. She's very helpful in the application process. Also, keep in mind they offer waitlist people spots all the way through the day before orientation, so if you are close to the top it's good to have all you immunizations/transcripts/fin. aid stuff ready to go just in case. DLRosen- I came from Sacramento! (folsom/citrus heights technically). I moved here without visiting first so I had a hard time choosing where to live. A lot of students chose River Park Apartments in Council Bluffs, IA..it's about 5-10 min from campus. Seems like an ok area. You'll want to avoid anything North of campus at all....very rough neighborhood (just had a clinical there last week, it's the third most violent zip code in U.S.!!!) Most other areas are fairly decent. Downtown seems nice enough...a lot of people live between 30th and 72nd (school is at 24th st). I wouldn't really worry so much about being really close to school, the most you are there is 2 days a week anyway...clinicals are all over Omaha. Creighton is an amazing school so far and I'm loving my experience. It's only been just over 2 months, and the amount of information I've learned already is crazy!! If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM or comment!!
  7. Lauren4268

    Anyone starting Creighton Accelerated BSN?

    It didn't take very long compared to other places. I had everything completed at the end of April and got my acceptance package at the very end of may (just about 5 weeks). It was so nice to hear back so soon when some schools make you wait 3-4 months!!
  8. Lauren4268

    Anyone starting Creighton Accelerated BSN?

    NewRNstudent, I'm in the program right now, and so far it is an amazing experience. I had a 3.4 overall GPA and about the same pre-req GPA. I've been told a lot of emphasis is placed on your admission essay as well. It does say on the website however, that a 3.0 is required. You may want to talk to the recruiting coordinator if you haven't already to see if exceptions can be made. Good luck on your applications! If you end up here, it will be a great experience for you!
  9. Lauren4268

    California New Grad Programs 2011

    UC San Diego- "We will be posting the New Grad job posting in the end of October for the next program starting in January 2011" http://medinfo.ucsd.edu/nursing/newgrads/ I've read in other threads that they get flooded with apps the day it opens and usually close it after a day or two...so for any one applying, I'd say you should have all your stuff ready to apply and start checking every day this month to see if its open....good luck! i'm graduating Dec '11, so hoping things get better by then...
  10. Lauren4268

    Should I transfer? UC Davis student

    if you are able to maintain a 4.0 GPA and have take some spanish, you should have no problem being able to get into Sac State's BSN program. If you do that, I would transfer to Sac State asap so you can get their requirements done instead of UCD's requirements. With the budget the way it is, there's no telling when UCD will get approval to add a BSN. Currently their site says "Additional students and programs will be phased in over the coming years" so who knows when that will be.
  11. Lauren4268

    ER trys to redirect non-emergency care

    from what I understand of the law, ED's are only required to triage people for emergencies, and provide care for life threateing emergencies...if someone walks in with a sore throat, they can triage them and send them on their way to a primary care/urgent care and not be legally in trouble...in califorornia their is a $5 copay for non-emergency care for medi-cal (medicad) coverage and people freak out when you ask for the $5,as if the free insurance isn't enough....not too mention the fact the never go to primary care and use ambulances for fevers, no wonder our state is broke
  12. Lauren4268

    Creighton 2011

    Hey Brittani, OMG that would annoy me!!! An A&P teacher should know how important a letter of rec is for nursing school!! Gah! Haha. I haven't sent the letter in yet (due by june 26, 30 days from when they sent it out), I'm still trying to work out a few bugs on my first degree, because they are trying to make me wait until spring to graduate which does NOT work....on the acceptance letter it gives you thre choices, the first is to accept for spring, the second is to defer enrollment to next aug without reapplying (third choice is you saying no). So i'm going to try and get some info this week so I can let them know if I'm going to be Jan or Aug start. The deposit it $250, not bad. And then all the other stuff is due in december-ish...health exam, immunizations, background check....I also did a pros and cons list with Creighton and Duke, and Creighton came out ahead, so I decided to not take up the the time for a Duke application when I have my in. I'll definitely be asking you about where to live!! haha...is the school in a nice area? any recomendations on apartment complexes in the $500 range? good luck! hope you hear back soon Lauren
  13. Lauren4268

    Tough Times For New Grads In CA

    I just did a quick search on CHW's site for new grad jobs, and there are currently 20 positions open for new grad RN's in Phoenix, AZ and Bakersfield, CA....when you search, specifiy under the professional category Nursing-New Grad....hope this helps someone!!
  14. Lauren4268

    Duke ABSN Spring 2011

    For Fall, the dealing is July 1, and then they start doing interviews 2 weeks after that for three Fridays in late July/early august, and then a decision is made around the middle of August. My guess would be that you could note on your application that those classes would be done by August, but the grades themselves would not be considered. From what I've read and heard, I dont think not having those few classes done would hinder your chances, as long as you have the minimum GPA.
  15. Lauren4268

    Creighton 2011

    I havent started my duke application yet, but this whole thing kinda changes things! haha I have to send the deposit and intent to enroll letter to Creighton by June 26, and Duke's application isn't even due until July 1, so I won't know until it's too late. I think I will mostly likely forget other schools for now and go with this since it's definite and a great school. Plus, it's far cheaper than Duke and others I've been considering. At any rate, at least I know one place I can go to for sure!!! I was suprised it came by mail as well lol. With everything so internet-oriented thses days, I figured it would be posted online or in an e-mail.