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  1. KB24

    I need to vent.

    Management at our facility requires two CNA when you're using a sit-to-stand, or hoyer lift. You'll be terminated if they see you using a machine without help because that's the company policy and a state requirement. The nurse or the nursing manager on shift has to see you and your partner use the machine on the patient. I work with a good group of co-workers. We only have one lazy CNA who doesn't help out the other CNA's and he has the easiest group on the whole floor. I became friends with a lot of my co-workers because I was always willing to help out anyone even if you were new to our facility. The new employees love me because I always help them and explain to them what each resident in the their group likes to do and what time they like to go to sleep.
  2. KB24

    the nurse i dont wanna be

    I work with a nurse that makes our life at work very miserable.
  3. KB24

    Samland institute of allied health & technology

    Samland in Chicago? ******** was my CNA instructor at another school and I believe she still works at Samland in Chicago. She's a great person and a very good instructor.
  4. I got hired a couple of weeks after I passed my state exam. I applied at my current job because my friend got a job there and told me to apply. I had one interview with the DON and she hired me on the spot.
  5. The 3rd shift CNA's have to get up 5 residents each before the first shift CNA's arrive at 6:50 am to get assignment. You better have all 5 residents up because the morning nurses and aids will get mad if you don't have your people up.
  6. KB24

    Current CNA wants Acute care training

    Try looking for a job in a nursing home or SNF that has a sub-acute/acute floor because facilities like to train their own employees when they get hired.
  7. KB24

    cna pay

    You can make over $16/hr at a hospital working as a PCT.
  8. KB24

    LPN to RN, thinking of dropping out :(

    My advice would be to only take one class per quarter/semester if you're struggling because you need to spend extra time studying. College A&P is not the same as A&P for high school or A&P for an LPN program. You better not drop out and give up because quitters never win. You can always take the class again for a better grade in the future.
  9. My advice would be to get a Blackberry and use BlackBerry Messenger. BBM uses data instead of text when you send a message and you can send a message to anyone in the world.
  10. KB24

    Patient abuse and the hole in the hoyer lift

    Yes, the law and most nursing homes require to have two people assist with a patient who needs to use the hoyer lift or sit to stand, but most of the time only one CNA has to use it because the other CNA's are busy or don't want to help out. I remember on my first day off orientation, I asked the nurse and a CNA for help and they told me I had to do it on my own because they were too busy to help me. The nurse sat at the nurses station talking to the other nurse. I refuse to work the 3rd shift because she's the night supervisor. I always help out my co-workers when they need help or I see them struggling at work.
  11. KB24

    What to wear to orientation?

    Casual clothes is fine because I don't think they're going to make you work or shadow someone on your first day. Your first day of orientation is usually spent filling paper work, getting to know management, you get a tour of the facility, they give you the rules for the facility, and the manager or whoever is in charge of each department talks about what they do.
  12. KB24

    Got my first STNA (CNA) job...bring on the tiredness!

    And guys! Congrats on getting the job and good luck.
  13. KB24

    CNA teacher is unprofessional or am I tripping?

    Don't worry what the CNA teacher has to say or think because you won't be seeing him after you pass the class and your skills test. I hate to break it to you, but your peers and co-workers at work are going to be saying a lot worst things and doing a lot worst things when you aren't around them. I had the nicest CNA teacher and I still keep in contact with her and a few of my classmates.
  14. KB24

    im curious-graveshifts for CNA's

    The night shift is the easiest shift and the most boring shift. You usually only have a couple other CNA's with you on the floor and you have more residents than 1st and 2nd shift. We have to get up 5 residents before the first shift CNA's arrive.
  15. KB24

    Does this mean I got the job?

    Yes, I think you have the job. It would make no sense for a nursing facility to only hire one CNA at a time because of the high turnover rate as a CNA. Every hospital or nursing facility in my area always hires more than one person, when they hire someone for an open position.