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Assailants specializes in Ortho/Trauma.

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  1. I dont think that our hopsital has a standing protocol for K replacement, but at the hospital where I precepted we had a standing k/mag replacement depending on the patient's lytes. 3.2 and 3.1 seems low. Are the patient's symptomatic? I'd probally do a 12 lead just in case if there the docs are okay with those numbers
  2. Assailants

    Core Curriculum in Orthopaedic Nursing

    I thought you could get the book directly from the NAON?
  3. Assailants

    PRN narcotics for patients who cant request it?

    Why isn't this Pt getting ATC PO pain meds? Giving morphine q every hour anit going to help with long term pain relief.
  4. Assailants

    IV Toradol and Snack?

    I know with PO NSAIDS we should give them with a snack to decrease the risk of the patient getting an upset stomach/GI bleed; however, do we need to give a snack with IV Toradol? I know we bypass the GI tract with IV meds, but its mainly blocking the COX-1 and therefore, increases the risk of GI bleeds. Thanks. And when giving IV toradol or other meds, do you guys generally flush the line if the patient is just receiving NS as a maintanance fluid...like no piggyback running prior.
  5. OP's story and subsequent posts makes me think he is a total....I am sure you got some things you can improve upon as well...maybe start going to the gym yourself?
  6. Assailants

    Fourth attempt, failed! But still thankful!

    How about you try kaplan?
  7. Assailants

    Disabling feeling of failure- please help!

    Its extremely difficult to give patients like that bed baths without assistance especially if they are combative, demented, etc. like in your case.
  8. Assailants

    Male RNs, What Areas of Nursing Are Looking for Them?

    I see males RNs on every unit maybe besides L&D, postpartum, antepartum..even then I am sure they exist.
  9. Assailants

    renal perfusion question

    Perfusion = blood flow. Dopamine, as I recall, in low dosages is supposed to increase blood flow to the kidneys via vasodilation of the arteries supplying the kidneys. To answer your second question, the dopamine that is used in renal patients doesn't have anything to do with the dopaminergic drugs used in treating parkinsons because dopamine doesn't cross the BBB so you can't give it directly for pt's with parkinsons..you gotta give them some kind of precursor drug that can cross the bbb and be converted to dopamine.
  10. Assailants

    Priority Nursing Diagnosis

    It's always ABCs so I'd pick the nursing dx related to airway, breathing, or circulation.
  11. Assailants

    worried about dissection

    Seriously cats? I don't see why your school can't get some cavadars. Dissecting is terrible...the worst part is removing all of the fat...it takes forever...then some ppl ruin it by removing things they anit supposed to.
  12. Assailants

    Surviving OB

    It's acutallyy not so bad...I can see why so many ladies wnna do obgyn
  13. Assailants

    the "mean girls" of nursing school

    Actually, you can use any degree to apply to med school--may it be psychology, english, or the typical biology major--all you need to do is complete the pre-reqs, which are basically the foundation of science classes that pretty much everyone takes to major in bio, chem, physics, etc. The means girls the op describes sounds super hot lol
  14. Assailants

    A future nurse...in need of advice....!!!

    You graduated cum laude with a 3.0?
  15. Assailants

    The "Why don't you go to Med School" Question

    Cool dude. Most people never ask that to me and the people who do are usually in a non-medical field. FYI, its OD for optometry and they don't go to med school, they go grad school for optometry, like pharmacy, OTD, etc. :)
  16. Assailants

    Vital Sign Skills Test

    You just got to keep practicing it. Its really hard to distinguish the artifact sounds in the beginning, but after a while, you'll hear it...its super loud. Some people go by when the needle starts moving back and forth, but that doesnt always work.