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Hi Everyone!

I'm a student at UC Davis (freshman) and I want to go into nursing. I am taking pre-reqs for nursing school right now. I basically have 2 options:

1. Transfer after my sophomore year and get my BSN from a state school


2. Stay at UC Davis and enter an accelerated program after I graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Human Development.

I was wondering which track you would recommend and why?

I really love Davis so transferring isn't ideal, but if accelerated programs are more competitive then it may be the smartest move.

Also, what besides academics would make my application more competitive?

Thanks so much!

@saxuhmuhphone, I am currently a sophomore UCD with a human development major, and want to do nursing.Is it too late to transfer to a cc -should I just finish it up since it is already Winter Quarter? At the same time, the tuiton is really expensive. What do you recommend? I tried to message you, but have no idea how to! Thanks so much for your helpful tips!

Thank you Lord! Finally someone who can understand my situation. Last year I attended UC Santa Cruz as a bio major and decided to become a nurse and transfer to a community college to take my prerequisites to apply to a CSU. As of now, I've completed Gen Chem, the long and painful 15 units, stats, writing, English, and intro psych. All A's but a dreaded B+ in stats. I took speech over the summer at my local CC. Now this fall sem, my worst nightmares have come alive. I was unable to get into the Human Bio class and had to settle for general bio to satisfy my prereqs for anatomy, physio and microbio. I also could not get into ochem. 5th on waitlist. So this quarter I'm sadly only taking 10 units, Bio, human dev psych and sociology. I've come to the realization that I will have to stay 2 years unlike you. At least I'll have my classes spanned out. Next sem, Ochem and anatomy. Fall 2014: Physio critical thinking and possibly spanish. Spring 2014 sem: Microbio and Nutrition since only one core requisite can be in progress at the time of application. My question is, what do you think about this track, will I satisfy all my prereqs for a CSU and if doubling up on ochem and anatomy will be difficult.

Also, how did transferring units from UC, as you know is on a quarter system, work out. Will I be able to have the 39 minimum non-quarter units finished by the October application deadline for the university if I had 45 quarter units from UCSC and will have 21-24 semester units from my local CC by the fall of 2014?

Hey Saxuhmuhphone,

I'm a 2nd year biochemistry major(current sophomore) and want to transfer out of UC Davis to another university with a BSN program. I really am still deciding on whether I should transfer or not. I think it's kind of risky to transfer out to CC because I might not be able to get into BSN program due to long waiting list. Although it will cost me more to get a BS biochem and then go to ABSN program, I think it's safer because I can fulfill prereqs for not only nursing, but also physician assistant, and clinical lab science. Should I just stay at UC Davis? I would need until winter quarter of junior year to finish all the prerequisites for BSN program so if I try to apply then, I would be enrolled in senior year and that means I would be spending 5 years for a BSN. If it takes that long, I mind as well get a BS in biochem and do accelerated BSN. But accelerated BSN is expensive and time consuming...Please email me at [email protected]. I was thinking of nursing because it gives me healthcare experience and a good paying job. I could use this experience for PA school, which I'm also interested in as well. I would like advice on whether to switch out of UC Davis or not. Thanks!

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