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    First year nurse. Thinking about leaving field altogether.

    Let me clarify. By "errors," I mean incorrectly charting something or forgetting to do something. I've caused three med errors since I've started. One was getting meds mixed up between two patients. At my old facility, we pulled medications from sheets of 30 or so meds, put them in a med cup and put them in little cubby holes for 50 patients. It's a metal rectangle with 50 holes which each patient's faces by them. They then line up at the nurse's station and hand them their meds. We had no med scanner. Not the safest way of doing things. Accidentally put one patient's cup in another person's cubby. Another was giving Zyprexa instead of Zyprexa Zydis. The one today was accidentally giving a patient Seroquel which the doctor didn't seem too concerned about and later gave me a one time order for. The patient ended up doing better with the medication vs never having gotten it at all.
  2. Hey y'all. I've been a nurse for almost 9 months now and I'm seriously considering leaving the profession altogether. I graduated in December of 2018 and was ecstatic when I got a position as a new grad RN in a med surg residency program starting July of 2019. Packed up all my things and moved three hours away to a very rural community knowing no one. From the moment I started, I struggled heavily, mostly due to anxiety which I was clinically diagnosed with two years ago and take meds for. I made a lot of mistakes and was constantly on the radar of my nurse educator and supervisor. Two months later, I got called in to my boss's office and she let me go over lying to my preceptor over charting something which I didn't. They felt as if they couldn't trust me anymore. My options were get fired or be forced to resign. I was devastated. Moved back home to my parent's house and began looking for a new position. Luckily, I landed another job in a psychiatric rehabilitation facility. Even before starting nursing school, mental health was my passion. I knew I wanted to work psych in the long term. I started this position late October of 2019 and lasted 3 1/2 months until Valentines day. I worked NOC's and was the only licensed staff for that shift. I was overwhelmed, had virtually no support and had to deal with toxic coworkers. On February 12th, I made the mistake of covering an AM shift and was responsible for pulling meds from a med cart in sheets the old fashioned way and giving them to 50 patients. The next day my boss found out I made a ton of med errors and I seriously thought I was going to be fired on the spot. He gave me another chance to my surprise, but I had had enough and decided to quit. My current position is in an acute psych facility which I started per diem in January of 2020. Here I feel like I have tons of support, charge nurses who are constantly checking up on me. I've only been called into my boss's office once in 5 months over messing up charting. I feel as if this is less hectic than my last job but I am very unhappy with it. Psych nursing is not what I glorified it to be. What I thought psych nursing was vs what it really is is not what I expected it to be. What I feel like I really want to do is more in the line of social work or clinical psychology. On top of all this I screw up constantly and have this fear of getting fired every time I step into the hospital. Today, I made a med error and sort of freaked out and stormed outside the patient's room after realizing I gave meds to the wrong patient. My coworkers tried to comfort me but now I feel like they feel like I can't be trusted. I'm starting to think nursing is just not for me. I'm fed up, burned out and I've come to the point where I just don't care anymore and I feel numb. I've had 3 jobs in 9 months which says a lot. Opinions?
  3. mhadvrn34

    Should I transfer? UC Davis student

    Also, how did transferring units from UC, as you know is on a quarter system, work out. Will I be able to have the 39 minimum non-quarter units finished by the October application deadline for the university if I had 45 quarter units from UCSC and will have 21-24 semester units from my local CC by the fall of 2014?
  4. mhadvrn34

    Should I transfer? UC Davis student

    Thank you Lord! Finally someone who can understand my situation. Last year I attended UC Santa Cruz as a bio major and decided to become a nurse and transfer to a community college to take my prerequisites to apply to a CSU. As of now, I've completed Gen Chem, the long and painful 15 units, stats, writing, English, and intro psych. All A's but a dreaded B+ in stats. I took speech over the summer at my local CC. Now this fall sem, my worst nightmares have come alive. I was unable to get into the Human Bio class and had to settle for general bio to satisfy my prereqs for anatomy, physio and microbio. I also could not get into ochem. 5th on waitlist. So this quarter I'm sadly only taking 10 units, Bio, human dev psych and sociology. I've come to the realization that I will have to stay 2 years unlike you. At least I'll have my classes spanned out. Next sem, Ochem and anatomy. Fall 2014: Physio critical thinking and possibly spanish. Spring 2014 sem: Microbio and Nutrition since only one core requisite can be in progress at the time of application. My question is, what do you think about this track, will I satisfy all my prereqs for a CSU and if doubling up on ochem and anatomy will be difficult.

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