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  1. newRNstudent02

    Questions on nursing schools and programs to take

    Why not go straight for the BSN at a state school? Seems like the fastest and most efficient way.
  2. newRNstudent02

    Kaplan or Hurst NCLEX-RN review which one is better?

    I did Kaplan for my GRE. I did better on my diagnostic test then on the actual GRE.
  3. newRNstudent02

    How many credit hours...

    17 units for micro, human development, and nutrition! That doesn't seem right...
  4. newRNstudent02

    I seriously do not know what to do!

    check out csu chico and sac
  5. newRNstudent02

    How many credit hours...

    18 units first semester....dosage calc, foundations, pharm, intro to prof nursing, health care trends
  6. newRNstudent02

    Anyone applying at Saddleback college?

    I called the school. They told me decisions have not yet been made. Letters should go out next week. Hmmm..strange that you already got a letter.
  7. newRNstudent02

    Accelerated Program & PreReqs - Need Advice! :(

    I suggest looking into traditional and adn programs. Absn programs are extremely competitive.
  8. newRNstudent02

    Pharmacology course

  9. newRNstudent02

    Anyone applying at Saddleback college?

    Wow I can't believe they mailed out the letters already! Hopefully, you'll hear good news in the future
  10. It covered my tuition and I have a BS :)
  11. newRNstudent02

    Go to nursing school or.....

    Cal state fullerton has a nursing school. why not do the traditional program there? if you decide to do the el-msn, you're given extra points for being a former student.
  12. newRNstudent02

    Summer school anyone?

    I got into nursing school with a friend of mine. She is required to take the following classes prior to entering the absn program (school starts this August for us): pathophysiology, research, psych, college algebra, and religion. Now that's a terrible 6 weeks!
  13. In CA, you can fill out a BOGW. This waiver covers the cost of tuition.
  14. newRNstudent02

    What would you do?

    That's fine, but self-righteous? hmm you're over stepping
  15. newRNstudent02

    What would you do?

    I don't see how self-righteous comes into play here? Astro experienced a valid dilemma. I would way out my options just like you have.