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  1. Brighten

    Mercy Medical in Redding New Grad

    ^dang before all of the interviews are done?
  2. Brighten

    Difficulty for males to enter the field.

    straight outta hs 0. u need to do pre-reqs
  3. Brighten

    CSU East Bay Fall 2011 Applicants

    Even if your human development class satisfy the requirement, which I don't think it will unless you took an upper division humandev, you are going to have to replace that class with another one anyways to fullfill your upper division courses. I would recommend taking the B6 - upper division science class and fullfilling your 4 units of performing arts if you haven't done so. History of nursing and human development if you can register for those as well.
  4. Brighten

    CSU East Bay Fall 2011 Applicants

    lol...u guys don't need the book yet so i wouldn't worry about it. enjoy the summer. first quarter is pretty easy so...stop worrying unless you don't remember your a&p brush up on that.
  5. Brighten

    CSU East Bay Fall 2011 Applicants

    ^ you buy a book bundle @ orientation or after. its Expen$ive
  6. Brighten

    How to get into competitive BSN program

    for SF state you need to have most of the supplemental requirements or they'll reject you. It doesn't matter if you have a 4.0 or volunteer hours (which I had and I still was waitlisted)....you will need to have job experience and to speak fluently in second language lol. Thank god SF State requires the teas test now so it evens out the application pool.
  7. Brighten

    Being around alot of women....Pros and Cons

    its what we hipsters refer to it. google it. No better yet urban dictionary it. Your head might explode after you look at all the other crazy words people use today. It was an obvious play on the phrase "sausage fest" (which is my inside joke to the OP cuz hes a dude) but I guess some people can't take a joke.
  8. Brighten

    Being around alot of women....Pros and Cons

    Yes I meant clams - obviously I can't spell.
  9. Brighten

    Being around alot of women....Pros and Cons

    There will be more dudes than you think. It isn't a complete calm fest. Its more like a jambalaya (heavy on the calms though).
  10. CSUEB_Fall_2010_Nursing_Concord : CSUEB Fall 2010 Nursing Concord
  11. YEss I am. lol. kr3w is my bro.
  12. Brighten

    Do you ask Q's for the truth, or to hear nice things???

    No one is shying from the reality. Your previous post was rude...You need to learn how to read context clues, and you should also work on your own writing instead trying to be a grammar police because you suck at doing both.
  13. wow a 90 on teas. damn texas that is "so good". vol hours @ the Va wow. Amazing letter of recs too???? what???? You also have impeccable English??? /sarcasm.
  14. assist.org
  15. It depends on the school. The school I applied to went strictly on the adjusted individual score. Some schools look at the program percent rank. Check the school's website to make sure.
  16. ^ my application status says "provisional admission" and it has been like this for almost 2 months and I still can't see my student center...the school received all my transcripts already too. anyone else still have this problem?