UC Davis Nurse Residency Program- Fall 2022

U.S.A. California


Hi everyone! I am applying to the UC Davis Nurse Residency Program for Fall 2022 and could not find a thread for this application period. Figured I would start one! 

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Thank you for creating this, I will be applying to the residency program also ?

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Hi all,

I also submitted my application this morning. Do you know when they'll start doing the interviews? Goodluck to everyone!


I’m not totally sure I think each department is different! I hear it could be from may-august for interviews.

Did any of you specify which department you wanted in your cover letter? 

Yes I specified which departments I’m most interested in! Plus I have those departments on my resume from my senior preceptorships

Thanks for creating this! Good luck to everyone! 

Hi everyone,

I also just applied to the program. And, thank you for creating this! 

Hi thank you for creating this page! Good luck everybody!

Good luck to everyone. Hoping this response will subscribe me to this thread.

Hi everyone,

I applied to the program as well! I’m from Tahoe but my fiancé and I are hoping to relocate to the Sacramento area and I would love to work at UC Davis :)


I also applied to the program! Hoping for any adult ICU.

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