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  1. ATL Summer 2022 Residency

    Hi everyone, I see that some folks at Emory have started this week in some locations. Anyone else starting next week? My start date is this coming Monday and would like to connect. Thank you.
  2. GA BON License for Endorsement (in-state) 2022

    I didn't get any response, however I got the fingerprinting email from GA BON 4 days after I've submitted all of my application materials since that is what it says on the application. I finally got my license posted on the website as of this week - ...
  3. SCRIPPS New Grad RN Residency (August/October 2022)

    Well, what's weird to me too is that I just got an interview with them for their Summer cohort two weeks ago (7/5). A day later after that, the supervisor offered me the job with the start date of 8/1 but HR didn't send me the offer until 7/8. HR the...
  4. Hi everyone, I am a new graduate who just moved to GA a couple of weeks ago. I am a single-state RN licensed from another state and just submitted my license for endorsement application materials this week for the GA Board of Nursing. My qu...
  5. SCRIPPS New Grad RN Residency (August/October 2022)

    Hi all, I received a call from the recruiter this morning inviting me for an interview. I am assuming some folks have declined as I am probably a 2nd choice or so. Anyway, I wanted to reach to those who interviewed for the position to share thei...
  6. ATL Summer 2022 Residency

    Congratulations! Yay! Yeah, they are a bit on a slow side. I'm still waiting for them to schedule my physical. They just finished processing my HR paperwork and background. They told me they are finalizing everyone's paperwork and not to worry. Are ...
  7. ATL Summer 2022 Residency

    Yes this happened to me when I received the offer months ago. The ones that we applied for are the general requisition - once you receive and accept the offer they will tie in your application to a specific requisition to the unit that you've applied...
  8. Loma Linda New Grad RN August 2022 Cohort

    Congratulations! Are you going to take the position? I'm surprised that is pretty low I guess. But still a great opportunity being in a trauma hospital. Which unit did you apply for? I was invited for an interview in their Psych units and was suppos...
  9. Loma Linda New Grad RN August 2022 Cohort

    Out of curiosity, how much are the new grads make at LLU? I was invited to an interview for them but ended up canceling it after finding out about the 3 year commitment.
  10. UCLA New Grad Residency Summer 2022

    My status hasn't changed. It's still under 'review' - I am wondering if they are going to be extending their deadline past 6/10. Does anyone know from prior cohort?
  11. UCLA New Grad Residency Summer 2022

    OK y'all! I just got an email from HR this afternoon and they told me that they are currently extending the offer by unit and the process could take up to until next week or two. They also told me that this is also why some folks are getting theirs s...
  12. UCLA New Grad Residency Summer 2022

    Yes I would like to know as well! Mine still says "In Review" and has not changed since my interview with them. I'm crossing my fingers that we all get an offer - that would be amazing!
  13. UCLA New Grad Residency Summer 2022

    Congratulations! Wow! How exciting that must have been!
  14. UCLA New Grad Residency Summer 2022

    Is anyone else applying elsewhere or have gotten offers other than UCLA? if so, if you get a call, would you still consider UCLA? I have a couple of offers from out of state and I'm kind of just waiting to see if I get an offer here. I will have to t...
  15. UCLA New Grad Residency Summer 2022

    Same here. I am dying to see if things are going to be offered today. The anticipation is killing me....