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  1. Hello! I created this thread for those graduating in December who are applying to nurse residency programs in Houston for the Spring 2021 start date. Good luck everyone!!
  2. JuiceBoxHero

    Nurse Practitioner Residencies

    I am wondering; are there any current practicing nurse practitioners who have completed a residency/fellowship who would be willing to share about their experience? Thanks in advance!
  3. hppygr8ful

    How To Become A Successful New Grad

    STEP 1: It's OK if you don't know what nursing specialty you want. Many will tell you that you should start in Med/Surge and stay there for 1 to 2 years. Med/Surge is a great place to cut your teeth. You learn a whole lot and refine assessment and people skills. However, if you have a strong interest in a particular specialty and get a chance to try it, go for it. But be willing to stick there for at least a year. It takes that long just to know you're good at it. If you decide to leave you will still have that coveted 1st year of experience. STEP 2: Should I do a New Grad residency? If you get a chance to do a residency at a good teaching hospital yes go for it. STEP 3: Keep your future plans to yourself. If you have nothing but disdain for bedside nursing and plan to get you NP or DNP as soon as possible. STEP 4: Be careful to stay humble with your new peers. Many of us are working on advanced degrees and some have no desire to. Respect the experience of those who are teaching and mentoring you. Move on when you are ready to pursue the next step of your career. Show respect and listen to your preceptor. Some of us have years of experience to pass on to the young nurse who wants to learn. STEP 5: Own your mistakes. The News Flash here is that you will not be the first nurse (New or Old) who is going to make mistakes. As long as your mistake doesn't kill someone take it as a learning experience. Own it and don't make excuses. Learn what happened and why, make necessary corrections to your practice and move on. STEP 6: Your preceptor is not your friend! He/She has a job to do which is to teach you safe practice and the facilities expectations of its nurses (often while caring for a full assignment) . They may be friendly, warm and nice or aloof, cold and downright mean. Don't be so quick to think NETY. STEP 7: Learn that just because someone says something that bothers you it does not mean you have been bullied. Listen to what's being said and if any part is true own it. Writing someone up and running to HR every time someone sneezes in your direction will not help your career. STEP 8: Don't participate in hospital gossip! If they are spreading rumors about others they will likely spread them about you. STEP 9: Don't try to reinvent the wheel. We know you just graduated and have all the latest and greatest techniques and theories to share but nothing will annoy your preceptor more than hearing "That's not the way I learned it in school!". STEP 10: Smile and remember to go home hug your family or pets and sleep well at night. Find some balance. Nursing, for all the good things it is, is till just a job. It pays your rent, put food on the table and provides for your family, but at the end of the day you are responsible for your own happiness. For additional help, view this helpful video created by Marie MacMillan...
  4. sendhelp

    NYU New Grad Residency Spring 2020

    Hey guys! I haven't seen a thread for this yet so I thought this would be helpful to keep each other updated. Have any of you heard anything about the program yet?
  5. Adelaf02

    I don’t know what to do

    I am a New grad in a nurse residency. I have been working there for almost 3 months and recently out of orientation. Unfortunately, I do not think my unit is in a good situation right now and I am aware that with COVID-19 it’s been even more challenging. I’ve heard that is not easy at the beginning. However, I really dislike going there and a lot of the nurses are leaving the unit because of how bad it is (including my preceptor and nurse manager). Other RNs that I got to know throughout my time there are also leaving. It makes me very nervous knowing I won’t have the full support I used to. I really feel like I’m pushing through but I do feel pretty miserable. I have already mentioned this to my nurse residency directors and they told me to talk to my manager, but as I said my manager is leaving as well. I find myself to be in a very hard position. I don’t know what to do?
  6. This thread is for all those interested in a new grad nursing job at Duke. Here we can help guide each other through the process and connect with others who have applied or are planning to apply. Has anyone interviewed? What unit are you interested in? What attracted you to Duke?
  7. We have very limited number of clinics that provide residency programs, so I plan on signing up to do Thrive AP (formerly known as MidlevelU) for a year as a novice NP. Has anybody done this program? What are your thoughts? For those of you who did not do a residency program, what was it that made you succeed and continue to thrive as an NP? I plan on doing primary care as an FNP. Thanks!
  8. PsychRN_CA

    PMHNP Residency programs

    Hi, I’ve been having a hard time finding PMHNP residency programs and was wondering if anyone had a program they would recommend. Thanks!!
  9. MedSurgRN2020

    "Mess Up" stories for New Nurse

    Hey everyone! I am finally done with my NCLEX, passed, and am now an RN. * cue party music, pop the champagne * Now, I start my New Grad Nurse Residency in a few weeks. I have been selected to be part of the Med-Surg Float Pool which means that I will be trained on every floor in my hospital. I am very excited, but also very scared because I have to know basically every type of med-surg nursing. I am wondering if you can share any stories of med-surg "mess ups" or "near misses" so that I can know to look out for these things! I would appreciate any wisdom 🙂
  10. nurseval

    Move home or stay?

    Hi everyone. I'm a new grad RN in tele/stroke in Southern CA for almost 6 months now, w a PD gig as a preop/PACU RN at an ASC. I moved from my hometown yrs ago, but now with covid, it's mentally hard living alone since I can't see friends (I float to covid) & can't go home for the holidays. Night shift also affected my sleep schedule. But I can't help but worry about my family too (also in healthcare). As with most hospitals bc of covid, we're now out of ratio/no CNAs & I feel unsafe/unsatisfied w my care. I also don't see myself in tele that long. Despite my unit being very busy, the pros: love my coworkers/how helpful everyone is, self schedule, generous pay. But we technically "signed" a 2 yr contract but I heard many ppl break it without paying fees bc our hospital is super small/high turnover. However, I know my time as a new grad is limited. Since my current job only had a 2 week residency w classes & 8 weeks precepting, I didn't feel prepared and still don't at times. So I applied to a residency back home which is 1 yr long. Overall, I wouldn't mind going back home to live w my family if it means less bills to pay & having their support. BUT there will be a huge pay cut. If the residency doesn't work out, I would apply to PACU/short stay jobs as these areas have interested me for awhile esp from my ASC job & I feel like it would be a better fit for me long term. The hospitals are also bigger (I.e. Level 1 trauma center) w better reputations compared to the one I am at now but I'm worried how it'll look on a resume Should I stick it out and wait even if I don't enjoy my job/situation/feel anxious or apply back home & leave my current job if an offer comes up in a specialty I want (but fear of the unknown)?
  11. ScrubsAndMacarons

    Residency vs orientation?

    Hi everyone! I am a current nursing student who just completed my first clinical this past semester. I met a few nurses who completed a "residency" after graduation. How does this differ than an "orientation" to a unit? All I was able to determine from questioning the nurses is that there are classes they had to take. Is residency something you apply for like a normal job? Does residency look better on a resume? Do you get paid during residency? Is it focused on a specific field? I would love for someone on here to elaborate! Thank you in advance 🙂
  12. Hey everyone! I just applied to the Spring 2021 Residency here in Atlanta! I'll be graduating this December. I wanted to make a forum so everyone who has applied to this residency, or any residency in Atlanta, can stay up-to-date and informed! I'm so excited!! I am waiting for Piedmont to post the residency application for Spring 2021 as well
  13. Nurse_Ari2020

    Emory Nurse Residency Fall 2020

    I want to start off by saying I hope everyone is staying safe! I’m currently in my last term of nursing school, I just applied to the Emory Nurse Residency Program fall 2020. I’m stressed about the process in general but with everything CoVID related I’m afraid that I won’t be considered a strong applicant, my clinical for the last two terms has been cancelled and We’ve been forced to do everything online. Anyone else feel this way? Has anyone applied to any residency programs?
  14. Hi! Does anyone know if LPCH will still be opening up their new grad app for the Fall 2020 cohort or if it will be delayed due to the pandemic? I know the app should be opening up in April but their website still has the info from the past cohort period.
  15. Hi everyone! I know the application for the nurse residency program for BSWH opened up on June 22 and figured that I would start a thread to update each other on it. Good luck 🙂
  16. LPChriste

    Grady RN Residency - Summer 2020

    Hi everyone! Is anyone else in the process of applying to Grady Memorial’s RN residency program that’s set to start this August? I may be impatient (?!) but I applied a little over a week ago and have yet to hear back. Has anyone heard anything back? Or for anyone who went through the process for Winter 2020, how long did it take you to hear back?
  17. Hi! I know the application for CHLA's RN Residency Program doesn't come out until March 2nd, 2020, but I just wanted to get a heads start! I'm planning on applying for their NICCU and was curious if anyone knew what the prescreen interview would consist of?
  18. I am posting this forum as a place to discuss the UCLA Winter 2019-2020 RN residency application! As a quick update, the application just opened today Oct 11th and will remain open until Oct 20th. Good Luck 😉
  19. mst34732743r

    MD Anderson Nurse Residency Summer 2020

    Hi! Starting this thread for anyone else who plans on applying to the MD Anderson Summer 2020 cohort for their clinical nurse residency! I called this week to see when the application would open and they didn't give me any firm dates yet so still waiting on that