Kaiser NorCal Nurse Residency March 2022


Hi! I haven't seen a post for Kaiser's Nurse Residency Program for the upcoming March 2022 Cohort, so I figured I'd start a thread. Hopefully we can share updates and info here. Good luck to everyone applying! 


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I scheduled my interview today

Awesome, I booked mine too. But now I'm paranoid about possibly needing to rebook based on the latest email

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I am waiting for an email for an interview, so nervous. ? I know they said they would be sending out invites on Monday as well, but I do not want to wait over the weekend. Lmao


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I booked my interview as well! 

Has anyone began their PPT? I'm trying to decide if I should keep slide length to a minimum, like 1 slide for each section of the rubric.


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Yes I did one slide per each category 


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Has anyone received the interview offer email for Monday yet?


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I'm still waiting to receive an email.


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Have any external candidates received an interview invite yet? 


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Waiting... not very patiently


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Just now, flumoxitine said:

Waiting... not very patiently

Same LOL it's awful waiting especially after having to wait the weekend.