Is it bad to quit an NP residency program?

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Is it bad to quit NP residency program?

Dear Nurse Beth,

Career Advice: I am halfway (6 months) through a fantastic Primary Care NP Residency, however, I was just considered for a position working in the PeriOp department (its a desk job as an NP).

I have been an OR nurse for 5 years and want to work as an NP in the OR. I went the residency route because there were not any opportunities where I wanted and I was coming up on 1 year out of school without an NP job.

If offered this job, I want it, but I worry about the implications of not completing my residency and what that will look like on my resume in the future. I could let it pass and wait for another opportunity. I'd still be employed and learning great hands on skills.

Have you known anyone have a negative outcome from leaving a residency early?

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Dear Worried,

In and of itself, it's not neccesairily bad to leave a residency. The context is important. Leaving a primary care residency for a job opportunity in periop is reasonable. 

Employers look for gaps in employment, a pattern of short tenures, and skill matches. 

Maybe look at it from a different point of view. Consider which will get you closer to your goal of working in the OR- completing your primary care residency and waiting for an opportunity, or working a desk job in periop?

Neither are wrong choices and both offer advantages- they are just different. But the chances of negative implications down the road from leaving a residency are small. Once you have worked one or two jobs, it will be a non-issue.

Best wishes on your decision,

Nurse Beth