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SopranoKris has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Hospitalist Medicine.

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  1. SopranoKris

    Acute Care NPs - To do a residency or not?

    I went to school to get a dual ACNP & FNP. We specifically trained for hospitalist, intensivist & ER. Yes, I'll be a hospitalist as a new grad. It's what I've trained for. I have a critical care RN background, which was a requirement of the p...
  2. SopranoKris

    Acute Care NPs - To do a residency or not?

    The 2 main instructors for the residency will both be out on maternity leave at the same time. They cancelled it for this year.
  3. SopranoKris

    FNP ACNP Dual Programs

    I had an overall great experience at USA. I liked having the hands-on skills intensives on campus before starting FNP clinicals and again before ACNP clinicals. I was ready to hit the ground running when I started clinicals. My first day of ER clinic...
  4. SopranoKris

    Acute Care NPs - To do a residency or not?

    Update: the residency program was cancelled. However, I was hired on as a hospitalist NP and will start Sept. 1st. I'm so excited. I wanted either ER or hospitalist and I'm thankful I get to start out in one of my top choices. I was also able to get ...
  5. SopranoKris

    Best NP exam prep

    I have taken both the FNP & ACNP exams (ANCC). For FNP, I did the Fitzgerald 2-day online live review and felt it was worth every penny. I was well-prepared for boards and passed easily. Just follow the lectures with your workbook and everything ...
  6. SopranoKris

    Acute Care NPs - To do a residency or not?

    I'm a dually certified ACNP/FNP. My goal is to eventually work in the ER. I have the opportunity to do a residency program at my hospital that covers multiple specialties: ER, ICU, trauma, nephrology, cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, infectious di...
  7. SopranoKris

    University of South Alabama Summer 2022

    I would suggest joining the individual FB groups for each specific course. They let you in about 2 weeks before the semester starts. Then you'll be able to work with others on prepping study guides and sharing tips. The FB groups for the 3 Ps are def...
  8. SopranoKris

    University of South Alabama Summer 2022

    Good luck to you as you go through the program. Just keep yourself organized and set aside time to work on your assignments regularly, as well as study time, and you'll be fine. The biggest part of it is the voluminous amount of studying you have to ...
  9. SopranoKris

    Which NP specialty to choose?

    It is really dependent on the patient population you want to serve when you're an NP. Those with more limited scope (e.g. Adult-Gero, WHNP, etc.) are very niche specialties. If that is solely your focus and all you wish to do, then by all means, go f...
  10. SopranoKris

    University of South Alabama Summer 2022

    I'm a USA graduate (dual role ACNP/FNP). Summer semester is typically your non-clinical courses. I would avoid doing Pathophysiology or Pharmacology in the Summer as those are very intense classes, even with a full 16 week semester. NU 607 (Underpinn...
  11. SopranoKris

    FNP Schools

    Then you would apply for the RN to MSN or RN to DNP program in the specialty track you wish (e.g. FNP, ACNP, etc.) You can directly contact Brea Mosley in the Graduate Nursing Advising Office for more information about the RN-MSN Pathway for RN'...
  12. SopranoKris

    FNP Schools

    If you have a non-nursing bachelor's degree, University of South Alabama has both the RN to MSN FNP or RN to DNP FNP program. If you only have your ADN but no BSN or bachel...
  13. SopranoKris

    FNP Schools

  14. SopranoKris

    University of South Alabama or Chamberlin University

    I have experience with both schools. I finished my BSN with Chamberlain because my employer had a tuition discount deal with Chamberlain. I originally started my FNP with them because I had a good experience with the BSN. The FNP experience was NOTHI...
  15. SopranoKris

    Acute Care programs - no RN experience

    There shouldn't be any. Because if they didn't require any at all, you would be so incredibly lost & confused in your program. You need to put in the time at the bedside in the hospital as an RN and get critical care experience before attempting ...

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