Any good newgrad/residency programs in Naples/ Fort myers area?

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I was just curious if anyone has any information about working at any Naples or Fort Myers hospitals or clinics. Where would be a great place to work and gain skills as a new and upcoming novice nurse? Also, how to get into the ICU floor for a hospital as a new grad? Should I do a shadowing?

Specializes in Progressive Care/ Pediatric Home Health.

One of my co workers pickup shifts at Lee Health in Ft. Myers on the Stepdown unit, which is step below ICU he says he loves it over there the staff is helpful, competent, & kind. They need nurses real bad they're offering 17k-20k relocation bonus for experienced nurses that how bad they need nurses due to the hurricanes last year. According to, the website they have a nurse residency program for new grads offering ICU & other specialties, wouldn't hurt to apply to see what they offering and they are a level 2 trauma center so you would care for fairly ill patients- if you're into that level of acuity(looks good on your resume since some travel contracts prefer level 1 or 2 experience). Good luck!!

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