UC Davis Nurse Residency 2017

U.S.A. California


For those applying to the UCDMC Feb/April 2017 cohorts, did you receive a personality test following completion of your application?


No, I did not receive a personality test after submitting my application. I would love to stay updated on the progress of everyone's application process, though!

Me too :) And the reason I asked is because in previous cohorts, a personality test was made available upon completion of the application. I called HR today and it turns out that they discontinued that process back in September.

I applied as well and was expecting a personality test but never got the option to take one!

Hello fellow new grad nurses! I also applied for this program and I am eager to hear back from them. It seems like applications have not been routed yet though. Good luck to everyone!

Excited to hear about everyone's process of applying. Lets keep each other updated and see how it goes. :) Good luck everyone!

Good luck to you too! Hopefully we will hear something soon!

Applications have been routed!!

I just saw that today! We will see how long it takes for a phone call :) crazy!!

Hello, has anyone out there applied for the new grad OR program? Heard anything yet?

Hopefully we'll hear something from UC Davis before the holidays! Good luck everyone!

I got a call to interview with the PICU this morning :)

CONGRATS! I hope you get it!

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