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  1. sirI

    Herzing University

    In 1965, Herzing University was founded as a computer training institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1970, the name was changed to Herzing Institute. In 1996, it became Herzing College and included eight campuses in eight states plus an online option. In 2009, the college became Herzing University. On January 1, 2015, the University became a nonprofit educational institution. UNDERGRADUATE Practical Nurse (LPN) Diploma Students who are interested in becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) can do so through Herzing University. This course will prepare the learner to take the National Council Licensing Examination for Practical Nurses exam (NCLEX-PN) and become licensed to practice as an LPN in his or her individual state. Credits for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program or Associate nursing degree program are awarded from the LPN program to advance your nursing career. The curriculum is an approach that is through the classroom and simulation lab to help the student with hands-on skills. Beyond the classroom, students will have the opportunity to practice in the hospital setting. The program is 12 months in length and students will graduate with a Diploma in Practical Nursing. Locations include Birmingham and Orlando campuses. Admission Requirements (not all inclusive) Admission decisions vary by campus and program, but here are some of the firm requirements: Completion of high school or equivalency (Diploma, HSED or GED) Cumulative GPA 2.5 or higher TEAS minimum requirements One semester of high school- or collegiate-level math, biology, and Chemistry with a grade of "C" or better Associate Degree - RN The Associate Degree program will prepare students to become Registered Nurses through coursework, clinical training, and hands-on training in the simulation lab. At the end of the program, graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses exam (NCLEX-RN). The program is 20 months in length and provided by Madison and Orlando campuses. The Associate of Applied Science in Nursing offered through the Akron campus prepares students to take the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses exam (NCLEX-RN). Earning either of the nursing associate degrees requires about 74 credits, based on the location. It typically takes about 20 months to finish the program. What are the Admissions Requirements? Admission can vary by campus, but typical standards include: High school diploma or equivalent with at least a 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Earning the minimum score on the TEAS exam. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) 3-Year nursing degree program when attending full time CCNE-accredited programs No wait list Options for veterans, second-degree students, and students with other healthcare licensure At the end of the program, students will earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and be eligible to take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) to become licensed as an RN in his/her individual state. RN-BSN Associate or diploma prepared nurses are noticing the trend to BSN and want to continue with their education. Herzing offers a program designed for practicing, licensed RNs and offers advanced and immediately relevant training for their current nursing role. Program Highlights Only 8 required nursing core courses, all are aligned with CCNE-accreditation Up to 70 Semester Credit Hours are awarded from previous learning 45 hours of Experiential Learning E-Portfolio available to help track learning activities Continuing Education activities for license renewal Course projects that help towards Magnet status and clinical ladder programs 8-week and 16-week rolling admission options Excellent nursing support teams and instructors with experience Dual Credit option can save time and money toward an MSN advanced nursing degree A 3.0 GPA average must be obtained in the BSN program to pursue the MSN degree. Campus Locations Akron, Atlanta, Brookfield, Kenosha, Madison, Orlando, Online Bachelor of Science - Second Degree Students who have a Bachelor of Science degree in a field other than nursing can attend Herzing University-Orlando’s accelerated BSN program. This program can be completed in 16 months. After completing the program requirements, graduates are eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) to obtain RN licensure and begin a career in nursing. Veterans, LPNs/LVNs, Other Healthcare Licensure Military Medics Military medics may be awarded up to 15 credits for prior learning toward their BSN degree at Herzing. The following ranks must have been achieved: Basic Medical Tech Corpsman: Navy HM0000 and Air Force BMTCP 4NOX1 Independent Duty Medical Technicians: Air Force IDMT 4NOX1C Army Health Care Specialists: 68W; 91B; 91C Graduates of the Army Practical Nurse Program (68W-M6), Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses and Paramedics Herzing University offers an Access Plan for Special Healthcare Groups; credits may also transfer from prior learning to assist in a fast BSN completion. Non-Military LPNs and Other Licensed Healthcare Professionals Those who hold licenses or certifications may be eligible to receive credit for prior learning through Herzing Orlando's Bridge to BSN program: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Paramedic/EMT Cardiovascular Technician Respiratory Care Therapist Campus Locations Akron, Ohio Atlanta, Georgia Brookfield, Wisconsin Kenosha, Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin Minneapolis, Minnesota Orlando, Florida LPN to RN (Associate) Bridge This LPN to RN program can be completed in less than 20 months. Program locations include Birmingham and Orlando campuses. Graduate Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Herzing’s MSN program is for nurses who hold a BSN. Three Concentration Options: MSN-Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP): 20-month program MSN-Nurse Educator (NE): 16-month program MSN-Nursing Leadership and Administration: 36-credit, 16-month online program. Graduate fully prepared to sit for the Nurse Executive-Board Certified (NE-BC) credentialing exam offered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Full-time and part-time options available. Campus Locations Akron, Atlanta, Birmingham, Brookfield, Kenosha, Madison, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare, Orlando, Toledo. Post-Master’s Certificate FNP - 100% online coursework. 33 credits, 675 clinical hours. Post-Master’s Certificate NE - 100% online coursework. 16-credit program. NCLEX-PN Pass Rates (2019) Brookfield - 100% Kenosha - 89% NCLEX-RN Pass Rates (2019) Madison - 88% Brookfield - 88% Kenosha - 86% Accreditation Herzing University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) accredited the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Herzing University’s Atlanta, Brookfield, Minneapolis and Orlando campuses. It also accredited the Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN-BSN Online, the Post Master’s Certificates, and the Master of Science in Nursing programs offered by Herzing University Online. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) accredited the Master of Science in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner, the Master of Science in Nursing - Nursing Education, and the MSN-Nursing Leadership and Administration programs at Herzing University Online. Rankings US News & World Report (2019) #93 (tie) in Best Online Bachelor's Programs #58 (tie) in Best Online Bachelor's Programs for Veterans #113 (tie) in Best Online Master's in Nursing Programs #119-#156 in Regional Universities Midwest #10 in Top Performers on Social Mobility
  2. Hey everyone! So about two years ago, I posted that I had started the post-master's FNP program at Herzing. Well, one week into the program, I got cold feet and withdrew. Fast forward to three weeks ago. I have restarted the post-master's FNP program at Herzing and so far, it has been great! I am taking two eight week classes and had my pathophysiology class from my master's degree transferred in. These classes are fast-paced, but doable! I have one more didactic class to take in the Summer, then all that's left after that are my clinicals! The first clinical begins in May! I'm so nervous about it even though it is seven weeks away! If all goes well, I should graduate August of 2021! This time, I'm determine to complete this program and pass my certification exam the first time (though I'm not sure which exam I will take--leaning toward the ANCC, though:) Any else currently attending or plan on attending Herzing?
  3. ERNurse-FutureNP

    Herzing FNP

    Hello, I am interested in the fnp program. Can anyone give me insight about how you like the program? How the program works with your schedule? I am not really concerned about clinical because I have those set up. Please just interested to know what you guys think?
  4. Eh.walker

    Herzing FNP Program

    Hello all, I am interested in online FNP programs. I have looked at many schools and one being Herzing University for the FNP program. I talked with the advisor and the program is accredited and strictly online. Have any of you attended the school? Is it a good school? Are any of you joining the January 2018 cohort? Any input is much appreciated! Thank you.
  5. Hello Everyone, I am a student at Herzing University at the Orlando campus. I wanted to do a quarterly update of this school for the ASN RN Program. I want to do this because I saw so many bad reviews and very little good reviews for this school, that I started to panic and regret enrolling there. I am a single mother and I do not collect child support or any government assistance. I want to complete the nursing program to secure my daughter's future. I do have a passion of caring for others in their time of need, but now that I am a mother I have to take that passion and contribute it to secure my daughter's needs. So just imagine what I thought seeing those reviews from different sources. My stomach was turning. All the nursing schools around me had such bad reviews: Concorde, Keiser, and Mid Tech. I started Herzing in July 2017. I do have some prereqs to take and they did accept my prior credits. The financial department was very helpful with helping me fill out my fafsa application accurately. I did get accepted for financial aid and a loan, but as I am attending, I am paying. I pay $70 a month from July to December to pay off my loan. There are some classes that I see that are truly pointless. Like Professional Literacy, and a few other things that I saw. I get that they want us to be prepared on how to conduct ourselves when entering our career, but... in my opinion you should just already know better. What I don't like so far is that some books are virtual. I prefer hardcover copies. I cannot stare at a screen for too long reading unless I am texting. You can choose to receive a hardcover book, but be advised that it is not free. I just finished my Professional Literacy, Computers &___, and some other pointless class. They were very easy. As long as you do your work and engage in your discussions, then you will do fine. Next week, I will be started the next quarter which contains General Microbiology and General Microbiology Lab. I have heard all around this is a hard subject. But, I will let you guys know.
  6. I will be starting the Herzing University ASBN program in Orlando this upcoming May 2019. This thread is just to reach out to others that will be in this class to network and just get to know each other in preparation for this exciting journey we will be taking! Please feel free to respond!
  7. So I have read some pretty horrible reviews about Herzing and it is pretty scary, however, I am about to start my journey with Herzing in August and I want to give the school a fair chance. Yes it is expensive to attend but Florida is embarking on this progress where hospitals are having/requiring magnet status which means that RNs need to have a Bachelor degree. Herzing does not have a waiting list so if you meet the qualifications, you are good to go. My goal is to post weekly or monthly updates on the progress to provide real up-to-date experiences that will either justify the complaints I have read or shed light on more updated information as to how the program is currently. I can confirm, however, that the school is accredited and their NCLEX pass rates are pretty high. I suggest you go to whatever state board of nursing website that applies to your state and research for yourselves so you can see where the school stands. Looking forward to reading your comments!
  8. ok.. I am lost again. I found a private university here in Orlando offering an "ASN" degree in 24 months. First of all, what exactly is this? She says at the end you qualify to take the NCLEX... so if you pass, this makes you... an RN???? Im confused. I also appearantly dont need any pre-req's, other than the NET... but they are appearantly changing that after this batch of students goes through. The course is 35k....does this seem on target? It seems the more I look into this, the more overwhelmed Im getting. Not to mention, everything I see seems to say that there's NO way I can work while doing a program like this. Lol, Help!
  9. It was my first take and I am planning to take the ANCC as well. During my last semester, I came here to get some insights and a lady took her time to write a long post on her experience on passing her certification exam and I took her advise to heart so I would like to "keep it forward". I went to Herzing University online and had a fabulous experience with them but since it was online, the majority of my school work was on research and discussion posts. On top of that, my nursing experience was not on bedside nursing so I knew I had to prepare well for my exam so I planned for three months of review (of which Im glad cuz I developed tendonitis- very painful and came down with the flu as well!!!). My Preparation: 1) I went to BARKLEY Review Course mostly to get confidence and I read his review book cover to cover and made flash cards with bullet points while reading. These flash cards became my reference points. 2) Next I listened to AMALIE'S CDs EVERYWHERE and EVERYTIME and ANYTIME. 3) Then I read LEIK's tips and red flags but I did not read the whole book cuz I had an outdated one. 4) The last two weeks were spent on practice tests from both Amalie and Barkley's websites and Amalie's practice questions book AND reviewing what I missed. My Recommendation: 1) If you don't have the knowledge base and experience (like me), I recommend reading Barkley's Review Book cover to cover. 2) LISTEN to Amalie, not just read her review. It is in the delivery of her message and the emphasis on certain points that really helped me recall stuff during my exam. 3) Get the online unlimited question and answer thingie(cant remember the name) on Amalie's website. I learned about it two weeks before my exam so I did not purchase it. 4) Do a lot of practice tests. This will teach you how to read the questions and how to answer them. I found that the questions that I answered wrong with the practice tests were mostly because I did not read the question correctly or I missed the age, symptom, etc. 5) You know you are ready when you know the diagnosis, symptoms, tests, etc that the question is asking before you finish reading the sentence, HOWEVER, you still need to look at all the choices because the goal is to choose the BEST answer. 6) Have faith.
  10. FutureNurse_203

    Herzing LPN to RN online??

    Looking for info on Herzing online LPN to RN bridge program. Does anyone know how they handle clinicals for the online program as I am not near any of the actual campuses. Thanks!
  11. charletia108

    LPN Program Hertzing University

    I was recently enrolled in the RN program at West Ga Tech, but it didn't work out, so I am enrolling in the LPN program at Herzing University, I am asking to receive feedback about their practical nursing program.
  12. Hello All, I am starting an online FNP program (Herzing University) this upcoming May. I have read and bookmarked previous forums on some books to purchase to attempt to read and study between my studies; however, is there any advice as to preparation for the program? Things you know now that you wish you had known and did at the start of the program? I appreciate any guidance and advice, thanks in advance. (:
  13. just keep swimming

    Herzing University FNP program?

    This program is now CCNE accredited as of yesterday. I was wondering if there is anyone who is currently in this program or if anyone has any opinions on it (besides the "FNP should not be online" opinions). This program seems to be something that could work well for me and is less expensive than other programs I have looked at; however, they are fairly new and this makes me a little nervous. Anyone know anything? Submit Your Herzing University Review Today! Tell us what you think of Herzing University.
  14. RN BSNN

    Simmons VS Herzing FNP

    Hi everyone, I really need help. I have two acceptances now for my MSN FNP online track, one from Herzing and one from Simmons college. Herzing was very easy to get into, and I can start as full time no issues. Simmons still require me to take a statistics class, and they only want me to start as a part time (which is not a huge issue). But I was wondering why should I pic Simmons for example and do all that extra work and extra money, versus getting into Herzing and start right away? Any answer or experience would be really appreciated
  15. Has anyone heard of the new BSN program that is starting this Fall at Herzing University? I went to the nursing information meeting. I'm frustrated with the local technical college and have satt and waited already for 2 semesters and will possibly have to wait for another 4 semesters before my petition is accepted. I've been done with all my course work at the local technical college and am disheartened by having to sit and wait for so long to start the core nursing program. So I applied for the career-focused BSN program at Herzing. Herzing is regionally accredited, but the nursing program doesn't have the specialized accredition because it's my understanding the BSN program is brand new and will have to wait until the first graduating class to graduate the program and take the RN-NCLEX and have a high pass rate to be considered for the specialized accreditation. I understand that. Has anyone else applied for this Fall or for Jan 2011 start? It's expensive, but it is for a BSN and some career-focused ADN programs and non-profit, private ADN programs are very expensive and you will only have an ADN. Does anyone have any input? I'm at a stand still at what to do and I am tired of sitting and waiting to start the nursing core program at the local technical college. And, I do like the fact that you can complete the BSN program at Herzing in 8 semesters. Thank you.
  16. Hi there!! I just acquired my BSN and am hoping to begin a Masters degree in fall for the family nurse practitioner (FNP). I was looking into Herzing University, and everything sounds great with them, it is CCNE accredited, 20 months, all online, etc. but I am unable to find ANY reviews whatsoever on student experience or satisfaction with the program. I am wondering if any people actually exist who have completed or are in this program?? If you are in the program now, or have graduated, just drop me a line about your experience. Did the program move along smoothly, was it organized, support from staff, and did you graduate/find a job as an NP and feel that you were properly educated??? I really appreciate any and all responses, as I am very excited to begin but becoming nervous, and wondering if they pay to have reviews taken off the internet (why else would a 6 year old program not have any online reviews?) I did find "Herzing U." general reviews, but none related to the FNP program.
  17. Anyone starting the LPN to Rn bridge program in Alabama in the summer of 2019? Just wanted to get more info on your thoughts on the program for pre-nursing students and those already accepted into the college. Have you completed your pre-requisites courses?
  18. tiphanimechele

    Herzing University Orlando Campus

    I attended an informational meeting at Herzing University Orlando, FL Campus yesterday and it appears that the school is expensive, but the turnaround time to become an RN is very quick. Are there any current or recent Graduates of Herzing University who can share some insight about the school (pros and cons). I would be moving from Tampa to Orlando to attend this school. Please share any information about the TEAS, tuition, financial aid/ disbursements, local apartments, classes/teachers, advisors/support, and best of all job availability/security. I know the school has recently received their NLNAC accreditation and are registered with the Florida Board of Nursing. But any information regarding accreditation and hospitals views of the program are also welcome. Submit Your Herzing University Review Today! Tell us what you think of Herzing University.
  19. Hello!! My name is Mary and I am currently a student at Herzing University in Orlando, FL. During my search for accredited nursing programs in my area, I used allnurses.com to find reviews from fellow students on various public and private institutions. While most reviews were helpful, some were just outright negative! Making the decision to transition into nursing was not easy for me, so I decided to start a blog to share my experience as a student at Herzing University to offer an alternative options to students like myself who do not have the highest TEAS scores but have worked their butt off in prerequisite courses and have a passion for helping others. I am taking my two remaining prerequisite courses at the moment (computers and medical terminology). Once I pass and complete these courses, I will begin Nursing core in January. I decided to stick with the ASN track over the BSN track, just so that in 14 months, I will be able to sit for the NCLEX and apply to a more affordable RN-BSN program while I work as a grad nurse and gain experience. Ultimately, I would like to earn my Masters degree as a Nurse Practitioner or CRNA. Please feel free to comment if you attended or are currently attending Herzing University and which degree program you chose. I can't wait to hear from you all!