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Herzing University Post-Master's FNP Take Two!

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Hey everyone!

So about two years ago, I posted that I had started the post-master's FNP program at Herzing. Well, one week into the program, I got cold feet and withdrew. Fast forward to three weeks ago. I have restarted the post-master's FNP program at Herzing and so far, it has been great! I am taking two eight week classes and had my pathophysiology class from my master's degree transferred in. These classes are fast-paced, but doable! I have one more didactic class to take in the Summer, then all that's left after that are my clinicals! The first clinical begins in May! I'm so nervous about it even though it is seven weeks away! If all goes well, I should graduate August of 2021! This time, I'm determine to complete this program and pass my certification exam the first time (though I'm not sure which exam I will take--leaning toward the ANCC, though:)


Any else currently attending or plan on attending Herzing?

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Can you shed some information about

admission ?

cost ?

length of class ?

Clinical hours ?

curriculum requirements to graduate ?


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