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katherine100 has 13 years experience as a LPN and specializes in LTC (LPN-RN).

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  1. Late TEAS test results?

    Hello, Please tell me your thoughts on PSI. They are my second choice.
  2. Monroe College in Bronx ny

    Excelsior. No way. Stick with Monroe. You will definitely be teaching yourself at Excelsior. Monroe has more passes too. Too many if's with Excelsior. There is no clinical there. Just a strict test out. Small things cause a fail. I do hope their CPNE...
  3. Prerequisites at Rio Salado CC

    You can look at Portage Learning for your prereqs. I don't recommend them due to how intense they are. But, you can get courses out of the way in months. And the transcripts are from Geneva College.
  4. What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    Slurs? Really.
  5. Quebec and NCLEX

    Yes. And get a work permit. Find a sponsor. I would check online.
  6. Biochemistry Portage Learning CHEM 210

    Definitely check out Chegg for the type of material you'll get. I am taking A&P and can say Portage is harder than a community college A&P.
  7. College of Mount St. Vincent ABSN Fall 2021

    How is school Imani?
  8. Canadian RPN moving to USA

    Where in Ontario can you do your NCLEX RN? I would apply to NY or VT and get it done there. I am doubting you can do it in Ontario. If they ask for WES just get it done.
  9. Definitely go to the U.S and get a one year BSN or look at Alberta for a one year BSN. University of Toronto also has a one year BSN program. Also, you can just sit for the NCLEX IN the U.S .They will evaluate your education and tell you what you n...
  10. Canadian RPN moving to USA

    My U.S school did accept my Quebec high schools transcripts. That would be absolutely crazy if they did not. And I did not need WES.
  11. Canadian LPN to possible US ADN?

    When you contact they will tell you what you need. Sometimes you need a non science course. You'd have to show the board your education. And remember, as far as assessment, the RN does more of that. But contact those boards of nursing.
  12. Canadian LPN to possible US ADN?

    Absolutely you can do it. Contact the NY Board of Education for the process. It may take about 3 months. They will tell you what course you are missing. You also apply to Minnesota since it is said they have a faster process. You would seek to become...
  13. Massachusetts Good Moral Character Timeline

    Sadly, the state not only lost my background check form, they are asking me things that don't apply to me. I emailed them requesting more detail as some of the form items did not apply to me. Good luck to all of you.
  14. Quebec and NCLEX

    What did you end up doing? alot of Quebec nurses use Minnesota to get in. The process is easier.
  15. Anyone currently attending Monroe College?

    How is school going QB? I'm looking to attend Monroe.