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  1. Hello Everyone, I am a student at Herzing University at the Orlando campus. I wanted to do a quarterly update of this school for the ASN RN Program. I want to do this because I saw so many bad reviews and very little good reviews for this school, that I started to panic and regret enrolling there. I am a single mother and I do not collect child support or any government assistance. I want to complete the nursing program to secure my daughter's future. I do have a passion of caring for others in their time of need, but now that I am a mother I have to take that passion and contribute it to secure my daughter's needs. So just imagine what I thought seeing those reviews from different sources. My stomach was turning. All the nursing schools around me had such bad reviews: Concorde, Keiser, and Mid Tech. I started Herzing in July 2017. I do have some prereqs to take and they did accept my prior credits. The financial department was very helpful with helping me fill out my fafsa application accurately. I did get accepted for financial aid and a loan, but as I am attending, I am paying. I pay $70 a month from July to December to pay off my loan. There are some classes that I see that are truly pointless. Like Professional Literacy, and a few other things that I saw. I get that they want us to be prepared on how to conduct ourselves when entering our career, but... in my opinion you should just already know better. What I don't like so far is that some books are virtual. I prefer hardcover copies. I cannot stare at a screen for too long reading unless I am texting. You can choose to receive a hardcover book, but be advised that it is not free. I just finished my Professional Literacy, Computers &___, and some other pointless class. They were very easy. As long as you do your work and engage in your discussions, then you will do fine. Next week, I will be started the next quarter which contains General Microbiology and General Microbiology Lab. I have heard all around this is a hard subject. But, I will let you guys know.