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  1. Herzing PMHNP

    That sounds about right. They are not bad at all. Just 250-300 words for most. Each class has 2 a week and then 4 responses needed total. So 4 and 8. I work 3 12s a week and work on it on all my off days, but I have been enjoying it. The classes you ...
  2. Herzing PMHNP

    I am taking theory and research. Getting my PMHNP. Just started
  3. Herzing PMHNP

    I started nov 2nd and LOVE it! I am going FT and working 3 12s a week. It is very manageable. Your going to love it!
  4. Thank you. I’m also super excited! I’ve got my preceptors and clinical sites covered, God Willing and as long as nothing changes! I’ve decided to wait and start 1/11/21 rather than in November because of the holidays! It will be hard to wait but I feel like that would be best. I’m glad to hear good things about Herzing! I live in North Georgia and Herzing has a campus in Atlanta. I will be excited to hear about your first semester!

  5. Herzing PMHNP

    WOW, Thanks! Where did you get that? I plan on reaching out to my previous nursing classmates that are NPs already. Especially for health assessment because none of them are psych providers.
  6. Herzing PMHNP

    Do you know what the preceptor requirements are for health assessment specifically?
  7. Herzing PMHNP

    That is awesome! So Happy for you! I am very impressed with my progress with Herzing thus far. I start on November 2nd, but everything until now has been great! I even got a 10% tuition discount for being a veteran. Very affordable program compared t...
  8. Herzing PMHNP

    That is great yo hear! I will be taking those classes next semester. I don't start clinicals until my 3rd semester. I love how organized them seem thus far. Super excited! Too bad were taking the same classes. I am sure we will meet our classmates so...
  9. Herzing PMHNP

    Hi Everyone! I finally found the school I really want to go to! I have applied to 3 other schools and backed out for this or that reason. There was just a bad feeling. This program has made me feel super comfortable from the beginning and they s...
  10. UMSL DNP Program Fall 2019

    I withdrew bc I did more research n am anticipating psych nps to b oversaturated I the future.. I don't want to spend all that time n money n end up making the same I am now... but if I did go to school, I would choose them.
  11. UMSL DNP Program Fall 2019

    They do not require experience ?
  12. UMSL DNP Program Fall 2019

    Thats so good to hear and encouraging!!
  13. UMSL DNP Program Fall 2019

    Did you end up starting school? I start in August at UMSL for PMHNP.
  14. PMHNP PT with M-F job

    Any of you able to work out clinicals with a m-f job going PT?? I am starting a new job and just wondering how some of you got by? I have the option of maybe taking 1 weekday to do clinical and work a weekend shift to make it up. Just trying to get i...
  15. VA HPSP 2020 - Scholarship Award Updates?

    I wasn't selected. Very disappointed, but happy for you!