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This program is now CCNE accredited as of yesterday. I was wondering if there is anyone who is currently in this program or if anyone has any opinions on it (besides the "FNP should not be online" opinions). This program seems to be something that could work well for me and is less expensive than other programs I have looked at; however, they are fairly new and this makes me a little nervous. Anyone know anything?

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Wow. I have never heard of this program before. I just spent the last hour evaluating the program and I really like them! I'm currently attending a rn to bsn program online program and I'm having a hard time with them. First, they are very organized. It's easy to get access to the information. Honestly, the tuition is very good considering some schools cost twice to three times as much as their program. All their faculty members have doctorate's degree. This means that you are not getting any instructors off the street. They keep the class size pretty small which is good. They have online programs. They are always ready to answer your questions. I'm graduating in a few months. I am seriously thinking about applying. Good luck!

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I spoke with them and got the same impression! I finish my BSN next semester and am seriously considering them especially since they don't require post BSN experience (i've been an RN for 6 years and my local program won't waive this requirement even though my job duties won't change at all). Let me know if you hear anything else and good luck to you too!

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Do you know what the deadline is for the spring semester?

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I don't. They have cohorts that start every few months. You should contact them. They are really helpful.

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Well, I spoke to them yesterday. Have you ever heard of highway robbery? Yes, of course they make it so convenient! You can apply and get in within two month of submitting your application year round. They are charging $800 per credit! I might as well go to a local school. Plus, I have to go find my own preceptor? So why do I need to spend almost $40, 000 to an unknown wanna be school? Complete rip off.

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I was going to the state university here. Same deal...$44,000 and find your own preceptor, and the program takes twice as long. I've been looking around and almost every online school, including Georgetown, makes you find your own preceptors. Let me know what else you find. So far, this is the best fit for me....

I would have chosen Herzing except the cost was considerably higher than other schools.

Am I the only one that gets concerned to see 1-800 numbers, chat live boxes, an area to fill in your name number for more info? If you go to any major university you never see that. Or even your larger state universities. To me it has the diploma mill feel to me. There are many great online programs but this doesn't look appealing to me at all.

not to mention the "success stories" posted all over the website..... i'd be checking with my state's nursing board to see if they even accept that degree.

Hi nurse nessa,

Im also inquiring on herzing. I have a good feeling about the school since i work fulltime this is convenient for me. Are you enrolled with them already? How did it go?

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I'm not fully enrolled as I am finishing up my BSN this semester. I have lined up some preceptors and have been working very closely with my advisor so that when I graduate I will be all set. If you have any questions feel free to pm me!

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