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  1. NewTexasRN

    Requires 2 weeks notice?

    I started a per diem position 4 weeks ago as a substitute school nurse. I currently work full time hrs at one school. I found a full time position and would like to move on. My start date is flexible for the new job. Should I give the standard 2 weeks notice? I'm leaving the position because I need benefits and don't want to scramble in the summer for a job. I am the only nurse in the building. I want to be professional and do the right thing. Thank you.
  2. NewTexasRN

    What are your thoughts?

    I just started a new school nurse position about 3 weeks ago. I work for an elementary school in an inner city community. The school has a total of 360 children. I started the position as a last minute substitute nurse. I really like the school & the kids make me laugh at times. Here's my question. The director of administration is asking me to enter all the immunization records into an excel spreadsheet in 2 weeks. She's constantly asking me if I'm done but I see more than 20 students a day sometimes. I can barely get through 10 immunizations a day! A few days ago a gentleman came and showed me how to use machine to do auditory screening. It was a 5 minute demo. The administrator said she wants all 360 kids vision & auditory screening done in 2 months. Now, I'm subbing and I'm not really sure if I want to stay there since I'm per diem. Honestly, this is too much for as I have no help. Am I being unreasonable? I'm thinking about moving on. Please give me some advice. Thank you.
  3. Is the program a dnp or just msn/ fnp program?.
  4. NewTexasRN

    Chamberlain MSN-FNP July 2018

    I was supposed to start July 9th, but I'm applying to a state brick and mortar school. It just makes more sense for me. So I'm holding off my decision to go with Chamberlain. I've heard mixed reviews as well. I just completed my final course for my BSN. It was a online program and it was awful. I felt alone and felt as if I had to teach the material to myself. So I really don't want to do another online program, but we will see how that goes.
  5. NewTexasRN

    What Would You Do?

    Before she apologized she tried to say there's a fine line with cognitive abilities. I kept syaing no! The client has no cognitive impairment and can definitely feed herslf. I am definitely planning to leave, but not just like that. I need to know this won't come back to haunt me. Also, it is so petty because they don't need the money. It also makes me question what else are they doing?
  6. NewTexasRN

    What Would You Do?

    Hi everyone. I work for a small homecare company. From time to time we take mediaid cases. I completed an assessment for a medicaid client and it was sent to mediaid for approval to receive reimbursement. A few days a ago a coordinator informed me that my DON changed my assessment. At first I was confused so I checked the assessment and sure enough she changed my assessment. She said the client has cognitive impairment and she can't feed herself. She even wrote a whole paragraph about her abilities. I know she has never seen the client. I was angry because my signature & credentials are on the assessment. I spoke with boss and told her it was wrong because it's my license on the line. I told her that the client can feed herself and has no cognitive impairment. She apologized, but I'm still upset that she went behind my back and lied. What would you do?
  7. NewTexasRN

    Am I Overacting?

    I want to make this short. Last week I started working at an assisted living facility. I have plenty of experience, just not in assisted living. So I was hired an assistant DON along with a new DON. The current DON is retiring at the end of the month. So far I have been there for 4 days and I'm very concerned. Last Thursday the DON's had a potential admission. They left the building for about an 1 hr and didn't tell me they were leaving. So they left me with 105 patients with a LPN. That had me questioning their behavior. I found that odd since I'm still orienting and don't know enough yet. The second thing they did that made me concerned was the fact that someone gave one of the residents alcohol. He was drunk and was threatening the other residents. The police was called and he was taken out of the facility via ambulance because that is the policy. Now, the DON's handled it without telling me what happened and what forms to fill out. Now, here's where I have a big problem. This happened on a Thursday. The DON's put me on call for 26 hrs this past weekend. Now what if the same thing happened, how would I know how to respond to a situation like that if they didn't even bother to tell me what they did? The DON has me filling out practice MARS, getting rid of the patients old meds and brainless tasks. I might be paranoid, but I feel I'm being set up, which is why I'm here. If the DON doesn't trust me to handle things, then why am I being put on call? The DON says I can ask her questions, but when I do, she is constantly criticizing my intelligence and making out whole staff nervous. So far I've kept my mouth shut, but I'm not going have someone play around with my license. When I get to work this AM I am going to ask those exact questions and if they don't have a satisfactory answer for me. There's strong possibility that I will be walking out the door.
  8. NewTexasRN

    Frustrated with contract offered and excuses by travel company

    I'm so sorry to hear about what you are experiencing. I think it depends on the area. Since the recession, a lot of things have changed. Have you tried Cross Country Travelers? I worked with them and they are pretty good. I will pm you my recruiter's information. I did a few assignments but decided to find a regular full time job.
  9. NewTexasRN

    What are you really good at?

    I'm not sure if it's a good thing, but I am extremely good at working with people. I can make the most combative patients calm down. I can't quite explain it. It's funny because the other nurses are looking at me like I'm crazy when I tell them how much I connect with the patient. I get them to take their meds without objection. I'm good at making them laugh even in the worst of times. I have one patient beg me not to make her laugh anymore because she had abdominal surgery and it hurts too much to laugh. I think it's because I'm really clumsy, but I try to be extremely graceful and funny about tripping in front of the family members and the patient. I make fun of myself and they think it's hilarious. It's good to have a sense of humor.What can I say?
  10. NewTexasRN

    does anyone regret this career?

    So interesting to hear you say that it has never been a higher calling for you. I felt that way for a long time and felt really guilty about feeling that way. What could be better than being a nurse? Honestly, I rarely have problems with the patients or family members. As a matter of fact, I believe that they love me because I truly genuinely care about about them. I don't have a problem with providing care. I just feel as if I can't do my job without the politics, staffing making me feel overwhelmed and stressed out and disrespectful staff members, i.e. doctors. I'm trying to complete my bsn so I can purse a MSN degree. Honestly, I don't know if that's the solution. I really don't know what lies ahead.
  11. NewTexasRN

    Herzing University FNP online?

    Ok. I'm late, but did you actually go on the site. It's $780 per credit hour there. The MSN program is 45 credits. So after books, fees, and supplies you are up $40, 000. Therefore, I say, it's not different from Herzing.
  12. NewTexasRN

    Today I passed AANP FNP boards!!!

  13. NewTexasRN

    Why I became a nurse, the down and dirty

    I became a nurse because I truly felt that it was a divine calling. No one could convince me that wasn't the case. I felt that there were so many things I could do, but this is what I should do. I believe I was young and very naive. Now, I stay in it because I'm looking to find something else that I am passionate about. I don't regret all the people I have met and all the experiences I have had. It's an interesting career field with a thousand different little roads. I love to hear other nurses talk about what they love about nursing. I also love to read the stories about little and big miracles that happens everyday. I pray that one day I will find my true calling. Please continue to share your passion for nursing.
  14. NewTexasRN

    Health Insurance and Agencies

    I have been working with traveling and local agencies for almost a year now. I felt confident that I was covered because the local travel agency I was working with said I have health insurance. Everything came to a halt when I started to develop various health problems. Even though I was told that I was covered, I went to see a few specialists and now I owe thousands. I'm starting to believe or think that traveling is not for me. I feel that since I'm single and need to get my own insurance what assurance do I have with travel nursing and these agencies? How do you deal with health insurance as a traveler? Do you have to be healthy to travel?
  15. NewTexasRN

    Herzing University FNP program?

    Well, I spoke to them yesterday. Have you ever heard of highway robbery? Yes, of course they make it so convenient! You can apply and get in within two month of submitting your application year round. They are charging $800 per credit! I might as well go to a local school. Plus, I have to go find my own preceptor? So why do I need to spend almost $40, 000 to an unknown wanna be school? Complete rip off.
  16. NewTexasRN

    Herzing University FNP program?

    Do you know what the deadline is for the spring semester?