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  1. Joebird21

    PMHNP prescribing questions

    So I am just curious if a PMHNP can ever prescribe any non psych medications in certain situations? For example, an elderly patient has a ua done to r/o a uti due to a change in mental status. The ua comes back positive.... does the pmhnp go ahead and order an antibiotic? I know of psychiatrists that will. If a patient is in pain are there any type of pain meds a pmhnp would be ok with ordering? Or medications that will alleviate side effects of a prescribed psychotropic (ie colace for constipation, etc?) Or what about refilling routine meds? (Simvastatin, etc?) Lastly, are all abnormal labs referred to a pcp? Sorry, probably dumb questions, but I am just curious.......
  2. I think a lot of people could benefit from reading this..... Functional medicine: The ultimate misnomer in the world of integrative medicine – Science-Based Medicine
  3. Joebird21

    What/why do they say our classes are fluff?

    So my question is how can this "fluff" be changed? Petitions? Emails to program directors?
  4. Joebird21

    BSN Student Options?!?!

    Well usually if you are in any type of program where they pay you a monthly stipend to go to school you are non deployable. So programs like ROTC, the IPAP program (physician assistant), etc. I guess my question is are there any programs that pay a monthly school stipend where you can remain in the reserves after and not have to go active....(other than ROTC)?
  5. Joebird21

    BSN Student Options?!?!

    Hello, I am currently enlisted in the Army Reserves. I will be taking my core nursing classes for my LPN to BSN program in January. I have 2 years or less left until I am done with my BSN. Once I am done with my BSN I would like to stay in the reserves (branch doesn't matter much...prefer Army) My question is.... What programs are available (in any branch) that will allow me to remain in the reserves as a student and not get deployed or sent to re-class while I finish? And could also help pay? Again I would like to stay in the reserves not active once I am done with school..... Thanks!
  6. Joebird21

    Georgia Highlands Bridge 2016

    Oh ok cool. Thanks! Looks like I will also apply to Indiana State just in case lol.
  7. Joebird21

    Georgia Highlands Bridge 2016

    Really? Another person told me they had only 25 applicants so all 25 got in. But perhaps they meant for a different class.
  8. Joebird21

    Georgia Highlands Bridge 2016

    Does anybody know how many applicants there are for just the bridge? Or the average worksheet score. Mine is very low compared to the regular ASN applicants I have seen on here. However, I know less people apply for the bridge so I might be able to make it in.
  9. Joebird21

    Georgia Highlands LPN-RN Bridge Program 2016

    How many apply to the LPN-RN Bridge each year???
  10. I'm not sure why you think you can't have both FNP and ACNP licenses. To be able to recertify and maintain your license in both it requires 1,000 hours within the last 5 years. That can be done. Especially for an NP that sees people outpatient and also does hospital rounds.
  11. Joebird21

    NPs working with chiropractors

    Yay for chiropractic pseudoscience! I'll stick with being a skeptic......
  12. Joebird21

    Is this normal for pathophysiology

    Learn it all. You are becoming a Healthcare provider not a cna. I see so many people that post on here wanting an easy route.....
  13. Joebird21

    FNP in a psychiatric office?

    Yeah that's what I was confused about. Why do they even have psych residencies that are open for FNP's to apply to. I'd rather just do an additional cert.
  14. Joebird21

    FNP in a psychiatric office?

    So if an FNP does one those one year "residency/fellowships" in psych will that be viewed as an OK replacement to the pmhnp cert.? Will most state BON be OK with a residency trained FNP working in an PMHNP role?
  15. Yeah I'm just trying to figure out how long it takes if all pretty reqs are done? Can you only take 2 nursing courses at a time?