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  1. Joebird21

    PMHNP prescribing questions

    So I am just curious if a PMHNP can ever prescribe any non psych medications in certain situations? For example, an elderly patient has a ua done to r/o a uti due to a change in mental status. The ua comes back positive.... does the pmhnp go ahead and order an antibiotic? I know of psychiatrists that will. If a patient is in pain are there any type of pain meds a pmhnp would be ok with ordering? Or medications that will alleviate side effects of a prescribed psychotropic (ie colace for constipation, etc?) Or what about refilling routine meds? (Simvastatin, etc?) Lastly, are all abnormal labs referred to a pcp? Sorry, probably dumb questions, but I am just curious.......
  2. Joebird21

    What/why do they say our classes are fluff?

    So my question is how can this "fluff" be changed? Petitions? Emails to program directors?
  3. Joebird21

    NPs working with chiropractors

    Yay for chiropractic pseudoscience! I'll stick with being a skeptic......
  4. Joebird21

    Is this normal for pathophysiology

    Learn it all. You are becoming a Healthcare provider not a cna. I see so many people that post on here wanting an easy route.....
  5. Joebird21

    FNP in a psychiatric office?

    Yeah that's what I was confused about. Why do they even have psych residencies that are open for FNP's to apply to. I'd rather just do an additional cert.
  6. Joebird21

    FNP in a psychiatric office?

    So if an FNP does one those one year "residency/fellowships" in psych will that be viewed as an OK replacement to the pmhnp cert.? Will most state BON be OK with a residency trained FNP working in an PMHNP role?
  7. Yeah I'm just trying to figure out how long it takes if all pretty reqs are done? Can you only take 2 nursing courses at a time?
  8. Also a cool discussion on The Psychology of Pseudoscience in Medicine
  9. I think the problem that people have is staying open minded. Usually when a person "attacks" our personally held beliefs and tells us our beliefs are wrong we get naturally defensive. Especially if this belief is something you have dedicated hours of time into. One of my favorite quotes by Steven Novella a famous skeptic and Neurologist is that if alternative medicine worked it wouldn't be called "alternative" it would be called "medicine". I use to believe in a lot of CAM, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture etc. until I started to realize that most scientists view it as "junk science" or pseudo science. I asked well why is that? It is due to the lack of empirical peer reviewed studies that these treatments work. Most of these treatments show nothing more than a placebo effect. Double blind studies of Acupuncture have shown that patients who were only tapped with tooth picks versus acupuncture needles reported the same effects. Also, they discovered that it didn't even matter where you put the tooth pick/needles the results were the same. Studies on prayer have not shown anything other than a placebo effect. Personal accounts of being "healed" are what keeps these claims alive. A persons personal belief that something works is not evidence that it does work. Often these people will never be open to the possibility that it was a placebo effect.
  10. Joebird21

    Herzing University FNP program?

    not to mention the "success stories" posted all over the website..... i'd be checking with my state's nursing board to see if they even accept that degree.
  11. Joebird21

    Herzing University FNP program?

    Am I the only one that gets concerned to see 1-800 numbers, chat live boxes, an area to fill in your name number for more info? If you go to any major university you never see that. Or even your larger state universities. To me it has the diploma mill feel to me. There are many great online programs but this doesn't look appealing to me at all.
  12. Joebird21

    Does School Really Matter?

    Is Frontier actually considered a "diploma mill". It seems like an easier option to get a degree from Frontier but they are always in the top rankings for their FNP and Midwife programs. And I hear the praise about Frontier all them time. It's like they have a great reputation but a diploma mill vibe all in one lol.
  13. So do they have recorded lectures you can watch online? Or do you mainly have to just read what pages etc.. they assign and then do assignments based on the readings?
  14. Joebird21

    Bridge program Frontier

    Do the bridge courses require a lot of assignments or is it a lot reading or what? I ask because I am thinking about doing the bridge at the same time I finish my BA degree since I only have electives left really........
  15. So would it be possible to also get an RN license in TN so I can work some there since I do not live far.... this way I can make some money on the weekends while I precept in Ga during the week?.......
  16. Joebird21

    Licensing Question??

    Hey, I am currently an LPN trying to get my RN online..... I live in Georgia but would like to get my license in TN is that possible? I have family in TN so would I have to use their address to get the license? I know this is a random question lol...........

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