Herzing University FNP program?


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Hello, how are classes so far? I'm in my last rotation (Thank God!). Had to take 3 mos maternity leave. Anyway, I hope everyone has lined up preceptors at least 3 mos out! Otherwise, online stuff are a breeze! If you don't have preceptors yet, I recommend Preceptors for nursing students on Facebook. If any questions email me bloss04@yahoo.com. Good Luck everyone! We can do this!


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Hello Does anyone have any advice on which University they would attend between HERZING or MARYVILLE for online FNP??? Thanks

Hi vitalman I had a friend who attended maryville. She said she loved the program and it's not any different than Herzing...weekly discussions and finding your own preceptors...so again I highly encourage lineup preceptors before even starting an online program...good luck!