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  1. NP SNF visits

    Hello, I've started at a nursing home. I initially started at a big building and did not have many visits. I was transferred to a smaller one, not knowing there was another company that owned more than half the building. I don't know how I'm goin...
  2. Herzing FNP

    Linda, I did the same explored many schools...Frontier, Rivier inNH, but a friend of mine recommended Herzing. Herzing does give $2000/semester scholarship.... No school is perfect and no matter which you choose, it’s all hard work! Good luck!
  3. Herzing FNP

    Hi Linda, I had a friend that went to the same school and like you transferred. But answer to your question yes I worked 24 hours and for last rotation(because I had 2) I went per diem. I had a baby in last semester as well so yes definitely doabl...
  4. NP in Nursing Home/SNF

    Thank you! The one who is supposedly orienting me said I couldn’t do Coumadin dosing and about recommendations from dietician or hospice?
  5. NP in Nursing Home/SNF

    Hi, I’m a new grad and have accepted this as my first job...what drew me in, as mentioned was flexibility. I started 2 mos ago and I feel like now I’m all alone. I don’t feel I was properly trained for this role. They always mention we’re a phone...
  6. NP in Nursing Home/SNF

    Hello so an update: anyone else working in SNF setting? I have a few questions.... will really appreciate if you can dm me
  7. Herzing FNP

    Great school!Supportive staff. Passed boards first time! Good luck everyone!
  8. NP in Nursing Home/SNF

    Hello everyone! I’m a new grad and this will be my first job! I’m orienting first about 3 mos and will be taking over a new facility. I’m nervous as hell, but by orientation so far , it seems doable. Any recommended materials that was a help to y...
  9. Did you feel prepared after graduation?

    Decided not to take any continuing on my search. I’m trying to get into a residency program instead. I had another offer for 94k plus monthly bonuses...that’s the highest so far.....I just want to make sure I get the support I need as a ...
  10. Did you feel prepared after graduation?

    Verene thanks for the response. So the second offer came back and is giving me a quarterly bonus and $50 for orientation....I’ve been applying since February and graduated in December 2018. I’m just eager to start somewhere decent and decent pay .
  11. Did you feel prepared after graduation?

    Hello I’m a new grad as well. FNP to be exact. I hear you as I’m in a similar situation. I received two offers, first was med mgmt in SNFs, which offered $85000/yr plus quarterly bonus (I actually make more as a nurse)?. The second is in psych, in...
  12. We just started bedside report and I am not for it! I see their point of patents getting involved in their care...but I also see HIPAA violation. Most of the rooms at our hospital are not private. If I was a patient I don’t need My neighbor knowin...
  13. WGU Graduates becoming Nurse Practitioners

    Hi I’m a WGU grad as well. Graduated with my FNP last December. I was accepted to three don’t sweat, it wasn’t an issue at all! Good luck!
  14. Herzing University FNP program?

    Hi vitalman I had a friend who attended maryville. She said she loved the program and it's not any different than Herzing...weekly discussions and finding your own again I highly encourage lineup preceptors before even starting an on...
  15. Herzing University FNP program?

    Hello, how are classes so far? I'm in my last rotation (Thank God!). Had to take 3 mos maternity leave. Anyway, I hope everyone has lined up preceptors at least 3 mos out! Otherwise, online stuff are a breeze! If you don't have preceptors yet, I r...