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  1. Krissypoo12

    HCA StaRN contract

    Was your contract worth $6300?
  2. Krissypoo12

    Anyone break the StarRN Contract before 6 months?

    Thank you for your response.inlive in Florida. Where can I find information about group one to see if my hospital has it?
  3. Krissypoo12

    HCA StaRN contract

    How long where you in the staRN program?
  4. Krissypoo12

    HCA StaRN contract

    Did you quit the contract? What happend
  5. Anyone break the staRN contract before 6 months? Contract is for 2 years and worth $6k! Unsafe staffing ratios and I’m burnt out! I cry every shift and get no help. I have a job interview with a another hospital company that many nurses speak highly of. From day one and the interview process I've got bad feelings about HCA! But took it being anew grad and having no luck on applications. I have not met a nurse especially at the hospital I work at say positive things! Many nurses I’ve talked to left after a year or months before their contract. My cohort is new and I’ve been working for 4 months and need out Im afaird I’ll put myself at risk of losing my License. What where your experience breaking the contract? Did the come after you? Hold your last paycheck? Should I still put my 2 weeks in? Rack up interest fees? I’m in Florida if that helps. Any advice will help. Thank you.
  6. Krissypoo12

    Herzing University (Orlando Campus)

    Yes it’s a lot of self teaching but many professors are helpful. Classes are short and not daily so there’s a lot of material covered in one night so you’ll stay up and do lots of teaching and finding ways to learn stuff on your own. It’s frustrating and my friends and I complained a lot. But it’s worth it. I had friends not pass a class and many of us didn’t have to re take a class because we did study more and put in the work! ALL of us passed NCLEX on the first try!! Answer questions in class meet the professors before and after the tests you’ll do great!
  7. Krissypoo12

    Herzing University (Orlando Campus)

    I used Kaplan rationals, registered nurse RN, ósmosis (Youtube) and the prioritization book.
  8. Krissypoo12

    Quitting the StaRN program?

    What happened? Did they report to credit agencies? How many months did you work for hca?
  9. Krissypoo12

    Herzing orlando

    Hello does anyone attend Herzing orlando? I will start soon. Looking for advice, friends, study groups etc. I am very nervous!!! If you attended Herzing orlando how did you like it??
  10. Krissypoo12

    Herzing University (Orlando Campus)

    How do you like herzing orlando? I will be attending the nursing program in a few months and I'm so nervous