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  1. smiley2k2

    NP Paper Writing

    Hello all, I am interested in applying to NP school sometime next. I did my 2 yr BSN at a traditional 4 yr college. During my BSN program since it was traditional and in person, we did experience enough paper writing. The most we had to do as fa...
  2. smiley2k2

    Failing my first advanced anatomy exam

    Hello future CRNAs, I am looking for some advice, tips, anything that can help. I am taking gross anatomy with lab. I failed my first advance anatomy exam with the lowest grade in my class. I thought I knew the information, but when it came to t...
  3. smiley2k2

    Smoking cessation games

    Hey future nurses, I am doing a presentation smoking cessation to a group of males living in a shelter. I am just stuck on what interactive activites I can do to grasp their attention and make it fun but yet informative. Ideas needed please 😀ðŸ˜...
  4. smiley2k2

    Good Rationales

    In the instancelearning does not occur, (SMART goal/outcome objective was not met/partiallymet), how would you adapt the plan? Provide rationale.
  5. What do you suggest?
  6. You received a DNP in nursing informatics?
  7. smiley2k2


    I am doing a careplan on major depressive disorder. My nursing diagnosis is: Risk for self directed violence. What are some good short term goals AND aeb??
  8. smiley2k2

    Learning domain

    What are some factors that I can use to facilitate my patient (a 6 year old post op after tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy) learning? provide rationale I came up with one and can't think of other. Suggestions/Help needed The one I came up with ...
  9. smiley2k2

    Smart goal needed, help please!!

    I can't think of any. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  10. HEY GUYS/GALS, WHAT WOULD BE A GOOD SMART GOAL FOR A 6-year-old post-operative after tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Teach: Pain management; include parent. Any Ideas. Will this one be considered a smart goal: Pt will be able to take in nutrition ...
  11. smiley2k2

    Mount Marty vs Clarkson College CRNA programs

    Hey Sarah, I am looking to applying at Clarkson CRNA program as well. How did the interview go? Have you started the program yet?
  12. smiley2k2

    Action plan for nursing school HELP!!!!

    Good idea, what will your goal be and how will you accomplish that?
  13. Hello Student Nurses, I am in my first semester of nursing school, and we have to come up with an action plan. Any good ideas or topics I should write on? Everyone I know is choosing exercise/studying, so I do not want to do that. The action plan,...
  14. smiley2k2

    I need help please

  15. smiley2k2

    I need help please

    Hey guys, I am writing a service learning reflection paper for my clinical class and I need some help. First one, I watched a movie called "The Hunting Ground". It talks about college rape and how it occurs and what's happening now. It is a good mo...