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I need help please


Hey guys,

I am writing a service learning reflection paper for my clinical class and I need some help. First one, I watched a movie called "The Hunting Ground". It talks about college rape and how it occurs and what's happening now. It is a good movie. Where I need help is, How will you think or act in the future as a result of this experience (college rape)? what can I do as a nurse when I come across a patient who is a victim. What teaching can a nurse provide, or what can be some good awareness or educations to provide in school? Any comments would greatly be appreciated. please and thanks

llg, PhD, RN

Specializes in Nursing Professional Development. Has 44 years experience.

My suggestion with these types of projects is always to start with the truth -- YOUR truth -- and begin by brainstorming ideas, making lists, and organizing your response to each question to give your answer some structure. For example:

How will you act? -- as a student to protect yourself, to protect your friends, etc.

What type of care/response would a victim need in the immediate aftermath of such an attack? ... in the long run?

What could you teach others to help prevent such attacks? What can you teach people about how to respond to a victim, both in the immediate aftermath and in the long term?

And what about the accused? (Who might, in fact, be innocent.) How should you treat the accused? What can you teach people that will help them avoid being wrongfully accused? etc.

Start brainstorming... considering what you learned from the movie along with other sources that you look up ... and organizing your thoughts under headings such as those I suggested above. Do that -- and your paper will start to appear before your eyes as you flesh it out.